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Unlimited vacations: how could your company benefit?

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By David Tomas, on 19 December 2018

Can you imagine having unlimited vacations in your company? Sounds like madness, right? Well, there are already enough companies globally that have implemented this policy. But to be able to apply them successfully, it is necessary to rethink the work culture and promote workplace happiness at all levels.

Far from being a crazy utopia, unlimited vacations present many advantages for companies. Keep reading to find out how your company could benefit from giving you unlimited vacations!

Unlimited Vacations

The advantages of unlimited vacations for you as an individual and your company.

Unlimited vacations give employees a sense of empowerment. Far from the usual paternalism found in many companies, employees feel that they are once again the master of their own time and that their colleagues trust them to manage it responsibly. Current case studies on the companies with unlimited vacations so far prove, that in general this responsibility is fulfilled.

Being able to decide your own free days facilitates individuals to be able to reconcile personal and work life, for example, match their holiday schedule with their loved ones or with a particularly interesting event. The needs and life circumstances of each individual are unique, so the typical holidays in August and Christmas are not necessarily the universal preference.

Unlimited vacations result in greater satisfaction and well-being at work. And here we come to the crux of the question of how your company could benefit: an individual who feels empowered, who believes that their employer trusts them and can adapt work to his life and not the other way around, will be a happy and satisfied employee. In the end, these positive emotions will also have a positive impact on your work. We are not robots, so when we are happy and motivated, our outcomes tend to show for it!

How can unlimited vacations be implemented in your company?

Unlimited holidays are not a magic solution for all companies. Unlimited vacations on their own will not necessarily multiply your productivity. In addition, in some cases they may have a dark side, if employees feel so pressured that they end up taking fewer days than they are entitled to.

Therefore, the practice of unlimited vacations only makes sense within a work environment that promotes personal responsibility and performance by objectives. In general, with the freedom of each person to freely choose their vacations, it is necessary that everyone aligns with their teams forms consensus to ensure that team goals can be met and that other team members will not be affected negatively.

Each individual must have the freedom to shape and organize their own work schedule, as long as it reaches the set goals and does not leave a project or team colleagues "stranded". Are you ready to say your goodbyes to heating the chair? Instead of heating the chair at work, we see the most important important achievement as reaching our objectives, taking responsibility and fostering companionship.

And so that this type ‘free’ organization does not become a jumble of mess and stress, it is essential that the objectives set are realistic and appropriate to the capabilities of each individual. A very useful way to achieve this is to make the workers themselves collaborate when defining the objectives.

In Cyberclick we have been working for years with an unlimited vacation policy and flexible hours, and we could not be happier. And you, do you dare to implement unlimited vacations in your company or suggest it to your boss?

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David Tomas