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10 ways to bring happiness to your workplace

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By David Tomas, on 24 October 2018

"How to be happy?" It’s perhaps the greatest question of mankind. If we take into account that we spend more time at work than in any other activity, happiness at work almost becomes a transcendental matter.

Being happy at work depends on a few basic factors and a host of seemingly less important details. Nonetheless, the combination of details have the power to make us smile every day. Some things will depend directly on your boss and coworkers, but we can all collaborate to achieve a happier company.

Happiness at work

How to bring happiness to your workplace: 10 ways

1) Reconciling

More than a trick for happiness, reconciliation is a necessity. If we feel that work prevents us from enjoying our personal life, it is inevitable that we are resentful and unmotivated.

Luckily, today there are the necessary technological solutions to be able to telecommute. Combined with a work culture based on objectives, its possible for employees to have great decision-making power regarding their schedules and vacations and to balance work with the rest of their lives.

2) Give your actions a purpose

Few things motivate us more than knowing that our work is helping to create a better world. That's why the happiest companies have strongly defined mission and values, and they want their employees to align with them.

Sometimes, we need to stop and ask why we do what we do and what we get from it, so I invite you to reflect on the meaning of your work and change course if you consider it necessary.

3) Don’t get stuck in all work no play

No matter how old we are, we humans love to play! A break of a few minutes to do some creative activity, such as drawing or assembling a puzzle, helps us clear our minds and awakens creativity in surprising ways. This way, you will avoid feeling stuck and frustrating yourself.

Another trick that also works is taking breaks to dance. As silly as it sounds, moving to the rhythm of a music we like is one of the best ways to wake up the endorphins and put a smile on our face.

4) Have a reward system

To answer the question how to be happy at work, we have to ask ourselves what we get in exchange for it (and no, I'm not talking about salary). Having large goals aligned with our objectives is important, but it is also important to maintain motivation on a day-to-day basis.

For this, reward systems, own or implemented by the company, are a great solution. It can be something as simple as taking a walk when you finish the task X, or enjoy a few drinks and a chat with colleagues at the end of the week.

5) Meditate

Ooooooooohhhhhhhhmmmmmmm ...

Meditating may seem like a hippie cliché, but the more you investigate it, the more convincing its benefits become. Meditation improves emotional control and increases well-being at all levels.

Practicing meditation does not have to be difficult or time consuming. To begin, you just have to close your office door (or put on some noise cancelling headphones), put an alarm after 5 or 10 minutes, close your eyes and breathe.

6) Exercising

Getting around is another excellent way to start up the mechanisms of happiness and get to work with a smile. It can be something as simple as taking a walk during lunchtime (especially if it is sunny). But if you want to make the most of the benefits, my recommendation is that you exercise before going to work. It is proven that exercising in the morning raises energy levels during the rest of the day, so you will be more productive and you will feel more satisfied when you finish your workday.

7) Helping peers

Lending a hand to a partner with a difficult project will not only improve the work environment, but it is one of the tricks of how to be happy. According to research, being altruistic generates its own reward system and therefore helps us feel better.

8) Sharing moments of leisure

Co-workers are the people with whom we spend more time each day, above our family, couples and friends. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take care of this relationship.

To generate a team spirit and feel more comfortable at work, it is necessary that we also share relaxed and fun times, either simply with a coffee at lunchtime or with organised activities, such as excursions and retreats company. How about a visit to the amusement park to celebrate the objectives of the quarter?

9) Change routines

If our working days are identical to each other, we will soon fall into tedium and it will cost us to encourage ourselves to continue. Therefore, I suggest you give it a return to your Monday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday ...) and do things differently from time to time.

Some ideas: go to work by bike instead of by metro, eat a picnic in the nearest park instead of in the office, work from a cafeteria, stop at a bookstore to browse on the way home. .

10) Recognise work well done

One of the most necessary things to feel job satisfaction is validation. According to a recent study by the human resources company Robert Half, recognising their own achievements is the most decisive factor for the happiness of employees under 35 years of age.

This validation can not only come from the bosses, but team members themselves also have an important role. So if you think someone in your company has done a good job, do not hesitate to tell them! Surely you can make your day happy.

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