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The Metrics to Measure in Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

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By Berta Ventura, on 17 February 2022

LinkedIn metrics provide information about how your LinkedIn Ads are performing. It is essential to keep a pulse on this data to understand if your marketing efforts are yielding profitable results.

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Advantages of Using LinkedIn Ads in Your Marketing Strategy

Having a profile or company page on social networks is key to gaining visibility and reinforcing your brand's image. This is especially true for LinkedIn, a networking platform created to connect companies and professionals.

Implementing LinkedIn Ads can have numerous advantages for your brand, including increasing visibility with your target audience. LinkedIn Ads allows you to reach professionals who work in the same sector as you, giving you direct access to decision-makers. You can also use it to contact professionals and industry leaders, find suppliers, and attract new professionals to the company.

With LinkedIn Ads, you can also promote products or services or even advertise courses or conferences that may be of interest to other professionals. Aside from increasing your brand's visibility, you should aim to become an industry leader and reference in your sector.

Any marketing actions that you implement can be analyzed through integrated statistics, which is where you can obtain useful data to help you understand if you are carrying out an effective strategy or not.

How to Select KPIs for Your LinkedIn Ads Campaigns

LinkedIn Ads data is useless if the campaign objectives have not been well defined beforehand.

You can create LinkedIn campaigns with 3 different types of objectives:

  1. Brand awareness: This is all about gaining visibility through impressions, also known as the number of times an ad appears in users' feeds. You can also take the number of new followers into account.

  2. Consideration: The objective here is for users to perform a certain action that allows them to learn more about the brand. For example, the number of clicks or interactions with the content could be taken into account. Engagement metrics such as the number of likes, shares, or comments are also included within this objective.

  3. Conversion: Conversion campaigns are designed to generate leads. You can incentivize users to become leads by creating downloadable content that can be accessed by filling out a form or offering a free course or webinar in exchange for user data.

Knowing the objective of the campaign is the first step to knowing which metrics will be the most important to analyze. Without careful planning, you'll find yourself with an abundance of data and not sure what to do with it.

Most Important LinkedIn Ads Metrics

As discussed, carefully selecting your objectives makes data analysis and optimization much simpler. There are, however, some general metrics that are considered to be the most important within LinkedIn Ads.

Brand Awareness Metrics

These are metrics that measure the number of users an ad reaches and determine if the brand's popularity increases. Ad impressions and new followers are used to measure this.

Consideration Metrics

These metrics allow you to measure user interaction with your ad campaigns.

Knowing this type of data is very useful to determine the effectiveness of the campaign. If the ad has many likes or comments but does not get clicks, it means that it isn't reaching the right audience and there could be a targeting error.

ROI Metrics

ROI, or "Return On Investment" metrics, are key to deciding if the strategy should be changed. Here, you should take into account the ad spend, cost per click, conversion rate, cost per acquisition, and more. These metrics will allow you to determine if the campaign is profitable or not.

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