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The Best Days for Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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By Estela Viñarás, on 27 November 2015

Are you using email marketing to promote your brand? Sometimes we do not give this tool the importance it deserves when the truth is that if well implemented, your email marketing program can be a real secret weapon to win over your audience. Here we will present the best days for your email marketing campaigns.

As with other tools such as blogs, social networks and mobile ads, finding the right time is crucial to make your emails more effective. So based on our experience at Cyberclick and after analyzing recent studies of email marketing in the Spanish market, we will tell you the best days to launch your email marketing campaigns!



  • Overall, Monday is a bad day for launching an email marketing campaign, since users tend to clean up their inbox to delete unwanted emails weekend and then usually in a hurry to prioritize what is important . That means that your mail is very likely to be deleted.
  • You can try your luck if your target audience does not follow the usual office hours, or if you think that your email will achieve to stand out and get attention in the midst of cleaning up emails.


  • The main days of the week (Tuesday through Thursday) are often the most interesting, because users have more time to manage emails.
  • Tuesday is the biggest day of performance for B2B sectors, education tourism and leisure.


  • It is the day with the second highest ratio of openings of the week (after Thursday). Users start planning their weekends, so it may be a good time to offer options.
  • The ideal day for press, media and sales.


  • Thursday is the star day for email marketing campaigns because it has the best figures for the whole week. On the negative side it is also the time when most campaigns are sent, so the competition is greater.
  • A particularly interesting day for the banking, insurance, non-profit, fashion and retail sectors.


  • It is a day with a high number of deliveries, but the results decline since email use decreases as we approach the weekend.
  • Friday is a great time to capture the undecided (still no plans for the weekend) with last minute deals.


  • On Saturday and Sunday reading emails is considerably reduced, but users have more time to pay attention. If you're headed to a family member or adult audience, it may be an interesting option.

As you can see, there are many moments that might be interesting to launch your email campaign, so we are talking about guidelines rather than "absolute truths". If you really want to make the most of your email marketing strategy, we recommend that you try different times and compare the performance of campaigns. Do you dare to tell us your results?

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