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One Pager: What It Is and Optimal Use Cases

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By Diana Palau, on 21 February 2024

A one pager is a document designed to provide concise, clear, and direct information about a product or service, a project, or a company. True to its name, it has a maximum length of one page.

This type of document can be used in various scenarios. It's particularly useful for efficiently conveying information to investors, at events, during conferences, or when launching a product or service. Moreover, it holds significant importance in marketing as it often constitutes the audience's first impression or image of the company.

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One Pager

Structure and Importance of Having a One Pager

Certain elements are essential in a one pager, and all information must be presented clearly and succinctly.

  • Header: This section includes the logo, company name, and, if applicable, the name of the project, product, or service being presented.
  • Value Proposition: A brief statement highlighting what makes the offer or proposal unique. This can include a slogan or a key phrase for the company.
  • Pain point: Information about the problem or need that has been identified.
  • Offered Solution: A description of how the problem will be addressed or how the identified need will be fulfilled.
  • Key Benefits: Enumerating the benefits and advantages of choosing the company.
  • Relevant Data and Statistics: To bolster the proposal, include supporting data, results, achievements, or market statistics.
  • Clients or Success Stories: Incorporating reviews, testimonials, or real cases can strengthen and lend credibility to the proposal.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA): Provide clear and precise instructions on the steps the target audience should take. This can range from trying the product to visiting the website or contacting the company.
  • Contact Information: Essential details like email address, phone number, links to social media, or any channel enabling the audience to contact the company.

In any one pager, presenting information in a simple and clear manner is fundamental. Visual elements such as graphics, images, or infographics can aid comprehension.

Advantages of One Pagers and Tips

When creating a one pager, user experience should be a priority. Keep it simple, focus on the essentials, and design it attractively and visually with clear and concise text. Additionally, it's crucial for the one pager's content to align with your target audience and the context in which it will be used.

By following these tips, you can craft a one pager capable of swiftly and clearly conveying key information, capturing your audience's attention, facilitating decision-making, and leaving a lasting impression. Furthermore, this document can contribute to increased conversion rates and improved SEO optimization.

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Diana Palau

Digital Marketing Strategist en Cyberclick. Licenciada en Publicidad y Relaciones Públicas (URV), con un postgrado en Marketing y Comunicación Online (UAB). Especializada en Google Ads, Social Ads y analítica web.

Digital Marketing Strategist at Cyberclick. Degree in Advertising and Public Relations (URV), with a postgraduate degree in Marketing and Online Communication (UAB). Specialized in Google Ads, Social Ads and web analytics.