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KeyTrends: How Generative AI Powers Content Creation

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By Helena Alcoverro, on 12 December 2023

Artificial Intelligence platforms are currently in high demand, particularly those related to content marketing. It's no wonder, because they are great allies for companies when preparing advertising campaigns, as they help teams to streamline processes and optimize results.

KeyTrends stands out in this landscape as a content AI tool with a distinctive feature: it consolidates not only writing tools but also functionalities like trend detection and SEO analysis in one place. Curious to learn more about how it can help you with your content strategy? Read on to discover why KeyTrends is a standout choice compared to others.

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Keytrends How Generative AI Powers Content Creation

What Is KeyTrends?

KeyTrends is a content marketing tool that can enhance and optimize you content strategy with different functionalities from a single place.

Companies from all sectors can use it in their work, but above all it is designed for marketing agencies, media companies, startups, ecommerce, content writers, and freelance SEO professionals.

What Is Unique About KeyTrends?

Typically, many AI tools for content are focused solely content generation. KeyTrends, however, sets itself apart by going beyond this by providing functionalities that address all the requirements across each phase of content creation. KeyTrends not only facilitates the writing process but also encompasses prior research and subsequent measurement. In the following sections, we'll delve into the specifics of each functionality it offers.

KeyTrends is also different in two other aspects:

  • Before putting artificial intelligence to work to create content, the tool takes into account user data and can therefore give a unique and different results.
  • KeyTrends use data sources from Google Trends trends, something that other tools do not offer.

All in all, this tool is very useful because it allows businesses to automate all phases of their content strategy.

Is KeyTrends a Generative AI Tool?

Yes, KeyTrends is a generative AI tool, but it is not just that. As mentioned, in addition to offering written content, it can also perfect the previous phases of analysis, as well as the subsequent measurement phases. Therefore, it is a much more complete tool than others that are currently available.

In addition, the tool takes into account a wide variety of data and information when creating content. This way, the analysis and content obtained will be much more personalized and tailored to the needs of your company.

Enhancing Content Strategy with KeyTrends

Let's explore the diverse benefits that integrating KeyTrends into your company can bring to your content strategy:

  • Unification: With KeyTrends, you can have everything in the same tool, which will allow you to simplify the phases of your content strategy and thus not depend on multiple platforms, something that can slow down your processes.
  • Better content positioning: Thanks to the fact that the tool's AI not only writes for you, but also takes into account the audience's search intention, the will always be optimized for SEO.
  • Intuitive tool: With a simple click, you can get an overview of the KeyTrends platform that tells you what your industry is demanding at any given moment. This tells you if you are giving your audience what they want or not.
  • Increased conversion: You can enhance your positioning, content agility, and quality with KeyTrends, thereby increasing your conversions.
  • Publishing agility: According to the company's own website, you can publish 90% faster using their AI because all phases of the content strategy are automated. This is very important, since publishing regularly helps boost the algorithm of many platforms and is an important factor in positioning your brand.
  • Tracking KPIs: Measuring the performance of a content strategy is one of the most important parts, as this allows you to know where you can improve. KeyTrends measures conversion and ROI, as well as other aspects such as conversion rate, traffic or indexation so you can see if your campaign has been designed effectively.

What Features Does KeyTrends Offer?

Throughout this article we have talked about some of the most important features that KeyTrends includes, but now let's look at them in greater detail so that you get a clearer idea of what this tool can offer you and assess whether it is worth integrating it into your company.

Search for Trends in Real Time

In the era of information, the key to creating engaging content and driving visits lies in consistently providing your audience with valuable and up-to-date content that resonates with their interests—a fundamental aspect of an effective content strategy. Understanding the ever-changing interests of your target audience can be challenging but KeyTrends is a valuable ally because it can provide real-time alerts on trending topics and offering useful keywords for your SEO strategy. Gain a competitive edge by creating alerts to stay among the first in your sector to discover top topics.

Content Creation and Management with AI

KeyTrends not only facilitates content creation but also extends its functionality to include elements like briefs. What makes it particularly useful is the ability to manage various content-related tasks directly within the platform. This includes assigning topics to your team of writers, scheduling content, approving texts, providing feedback, and monitoring the status of each piece. These features collectively contribute to expediting both the writing and planning phases.

You might be wondering at this point, "Will the role of the copywriter diminish in my company with the introduction of such a tool?" Presently, this type of AI cannot fully replace the work of a human. Its purpose is to complement professionals, enhancing the quality of their work and streamlining processes.

Measuring Results

KeyTrends can assess the profitability of your strategy by providing clear insights into both the ROI and KPIs. This streamlined approach to evaluating key performance indicators is crucial for effective assessment. Unlike many platforms that present results in a complex and challenging manner, KeyTrends simplifies the analysis process, turning it into a helpful rather than burdensome task.

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, you'll have the ability to instantly determine whether your content is indexed.

Search Intent and Competitor Analysis

You no longer need to go to Google to find out what content your direct competitors publish. With KeyTrends, you can see this information without leaving the tool. In addition, it also performs analysis on the user's search intent.

According to KeyTrends itself, all this can make the whole process 90% faster.

We hope this article proved helpful and introduced you to a tool that can elevate your business to new heights. Remember, AI in the digital marketing realm is here to stay, and it's crucial not to remain on the sidelines—integrate it into your strategies to stay ahead.

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