How to Use YouTube Video Builder for Your Video Marketing Strategy

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By Pere Munar, on 12 June 2020

Video marketing is a popular marketing technique that should be an essential tactic for brands whose products and services have a visual component, from home décor to makeup and cosmetics.

However, creating videos for digital advertising campaigns is still perceived as a costly and time consuming process, especially if you don’t know how to create video ads. The solution? YouTube Video Builder.

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How To Use YouTube Video Builder

How to Create Video Ads with YouTube Video Builder

Last April, Google announced the launch of a new advertiser feature: YouTube Video Builder. The idea is to create video ads as simply as possible, so that all companies can utilize them in their advertising campaigns, even if they don’t have previous experience with video marketing.

For those brands that are already doing video marketing, YouTube Video Builder offers an easy way to increase and complement their current resources.

YouTube Video Builder is a free tool that animates static collateral (images, text, and logos) with music from the YouTube audio library. The advertiser can choose a variety of templates based on their message and objectives, customize colors and fonts, and quickly generate a 6 to 15 second video.

Currently, the tool is still in beta phase, although YouTube has stated that it will try to accelerate its development as much as possible (due to the circumstances arising from the COVID-19 pandemic).

YouTube’s Audio Library

YouTube Video Builder allows advertisers to use YouTube’s audio library. This service solves one of the biggest obstacles brands face when they want to launch video marketing: Finding songs and sound effects without copyright or royalties.

YouTube has very strict policies about the use of music in its videos, preventing users from using any copyrighted sources. However, creating music and sound effects from scratch is an expensive investment, and isn’t a realistic option for most brands or SMEs.

To solve this issue, YouTube allows Video Builder users to access their audio library, which contains themes and effects for all kinds of needs. You can filter songs by genre, mood, instrument, duration, and attribution requirements. Among the sound effects, there are categories as diverse as human voices, tools, or sci-fi sounds.

Thanks to YouTube Video Builder, creating videos is no longer a huge investment, since you only need to have stock images or images of your products and services. There are officially no more excuses for not starting video marketing with your brand!

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Pere Munar

Data Scientist en Cyberclick. PhD en Astrofísica por la Universitat de Barcelona con más de diez años de experiencia en investigación mediante el análisis e interpretación de datos. En 2019 redirige su carrera profesional hacia el mundo del Data Science cursando el Postgrado en Data Science y Big Data de la UB, así como participando en el programa Science To Data Science (S2DS) en Londres. Actualmente forma parte del equipo de Data Science y SEM de Cyberclick.

Data Scientist at Cyberclick. PhD in Astrophysics from the University of Barcelona with more than ten years of research experience through data analysis and interpretation. In 2019 he redirected his professional career to the world of Data Science by graduating in Data Science and Big Data from the UB, as well as participating in the Science To Data Science (S2DS) program in London. He is currently part of Cyberclick's Data Science and SEM team.