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How to Use HubSpot to Streamline Your Sales Pipeline Management

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By Estela Viñarás, on 18 May 2022

HubSpot Sales Hub is a must-have tool for inbound marketers. Its different modules allow you to centralize contact information and sales opportunities and organize the different aspects of your inbound marketing strategy.

Logically, one of the main reasons for using HubSpot is to sell more. Here are 20 tips recommended by HubSpot that can help you streamline your sales pipeline management. Let's dive in!

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20 Tips to Streamline the Sales Process With Hubspot

  1. Remember that your mission is to help, not to sell. Many times your customers don't need an offer or a discount, but a reminder of why it is important to solve their problem and how your company can help them achieve it. To explain it to them, try to define 3 points that explain the value of your business from the customer's point of view.

  2. Invest in mobile marketing. 62% of smartphone users have made purchases from their devices. Responsive sites, optimized checkout processes, and social shopping features are key to taking advantage of this trend and selling more with HubSpot Sales.

  3. Encourage referrals. The key to getting referral customers is to leave customers satisfied. In particular, taking care of after-sales service with small gestures such as calling the customer and asking if everything went well. This can be the key to gaining loyal customers who become brand ambassadors.

  4. Be flexible. The last two years have made the importance of adapting to changing environments crucial. This flexibility extends to sales– if your customers' needs have changed, you must be prepared to respond to them with changes in your products or sales processes.

  5. Sell people, not just products. Customers are looking to connect with people who care about them, not just product sellers. If you want to sell more, the people on your team should be at the forefront of your marketing to generate genuine connections.

  6. Improve your lead generation. Quality leads generate reliable sales, while unqualified leads can waste weeks or months and end up going to your competition. To increase your sales, HubSpot Sales recommends optimizing your lead generation process and eliminating poor-quality leads.

  7. Join the community. Customers are looking for authenticity. They want brands that understand their problems and know what really matters to them. Online communities allow users to provide value for others and simultaneously boost the credibility of your brand.

  8. Customer service. Did you know that 46% of customers expect a response from companies in less than 4 hours? Being present in the same channels as your potential customers multiplies the chances of conversion.

  9. Create long-term relationships. Instead of focusing on individual orders, think about the average lifetime value of the customer and look for strategies to build long-term customer loyalty.

  10. Take care of your onboarding process. Onboarding is a critical factor in the customer journey, as you need to convey to your customers that they have made the right decision by choosing your brand. Offering extra attention, help, and support during the first few weeks is a worthwhile investment.

  11. Offer deferred payments. For B2B companies, it can be very helpful to offer the ability to defer payment for one to three months, especially for companies that have struggled to cope with the pandemic.

  12. Continually improve your sales process. Your agents should continuously train themselves to sell more and better. It is also very beneficial to pay attention to small details to identify areas for improvement, such as better scheduling meetings or closing meetings with a proposed next step.

  13. Ask for honest feedback. One of the best ways to increase sales is to know what your customers really think of you. Negative feedback about your sales techniques, your products, or your support service is the most likely to help you improve. Be sure to actively measure customer satisfaction.

  14. Share your story. People love stories, as they help facilitate connection with one another. Tell your audience how your company started, where it's going, and why you do what you do.

  15. Practice empathy. Sales work may seem repetitive, but in reality, every contact is an opportunity to help a new person solve a problem they are concerned about. Try to put yourself in each customer's shoes and understand what they are looking for from their perspective.

  16. Review your website. Before taking other steps to sell more, HubSpot Sales recommends starting with the basics and taking a good look at your website. If it's slow to load, has navigation issues, or your product pages don't look flawless, you need to fix it as soon as possible.

  17. Test your CTAs. CTAs should reflect customers' pain points and drive them to action. The difference between a generic CTA and one that hits the nail on the head can be a big one, so be sure to test different options and check the results against each other.

  18. Monitor your KPIs. To know whether or not your sales process is improving, you need to have data on hand. Define your company's main sales KPIs and track them consistently. If the metrics aren't improving, it's time to look for the problem that is holding you back.

  19. Align sales and marketing. The marketing and sales departments work with the same contacts at different stages of the process. Therefore, it's critical that they constantly communicate and coordinate with each other to improve results.

  20. Find your unique sales pitch. Many brands approach potential customers with the same messages and promises over and over again. To differentiate yourself from them, focus on the needs that others have overlooked, for example, saving time instead of money or the possibilities of combining your solution with other ones.

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