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How to Create a Content Pyramid for Your Marketing Strategy

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By Helena Alcoverro, on 12 April 2022

For your marketing plan to be effective, you a strategic approach that outlines what type of content you are going to create and why.

The content pyramid is a popular model for organizing a content strategy. Let's review what it is, how to create one, and some examples of structures.

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Benefits of Content Marketing Pyramids

  • By organizing your content strategy, all the content you create will have a clear objective and you will easily be able to create everything you need. Ultimately, this will help save time and resources for your team.
  • Content pyramids make it easier to create consistent content with effective messages, improving the user experience.
  • Having a clear plan will help you create content in different formats and adapt it to different moments in the customer journey, multiplying your potential reach.

Pawan Deshpande’s Content Marketing Pyramid

This pyramid guides marketers on what type of content to create and how often, so it is an excellent base for creating a content plan and calendar.

Starting with the base (what is published most frequently), its different sections are:

  • Curated content: Sharing content from other sources on social networks. It can be published daily and we recommend not to subject it to an editorial calendar, so that it is more dynamic and spontaneous.
  • Articles: Publish articles on your blog or other websites 1-3 times per week.
  • Infographics, webinars, and presentations: Aim for 1-2 times a month. They are more expensive to create than articles but provide variety to the creative formats you use.
  • Ebooks and whitepapers: At Cyberclick, we try and publish a new ebook every month, but if you are just getting started, we recommend starting with 3-4 per year. They are special, hold great value, and work well to attract potential customers.

Vilma Núñez's Content Marketing Pyramid

This pyramid focuses on the content marketing planning process at a more strategic level, so it can help you design a global content plan.

Starting from the base, you can find the following stages:

  • Audience: The base of the pyramid is all about knowing who to target, what they need, and what channels they are on.
  • Types of content: The formats and type of content you are going to create according to your objectives.
  • Channels: Your content posting plan through different channels like your blog, newsletter, or social networks.
  • Conversion: Results analysis, focusing mainly on the leads captured.
  • Business objectives: Your ROI calculations.

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