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Digital Content Marketing Strategy: How to Avoid White Spaces in Your Content Calendar

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By Laia Cardona, on 25 August 2022

Creating content is a way to position yourself as a benchmark your industry, gain the trust of your target audience, win customers over, and generate sales. However, within a digital content marketing strategy, it's common to go days without posting, especially on social networks. To avoid these blank spaces in the calendar, here are some strategies you can follow.

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Strategies to Overcome White Spaces in Your Content Calendar

Reuse and Enhance Your Content

Repurpose your content. This means that if you have made a blog post, you can transform it into a social media post or vice versa. Of course, it’s not a matter of copying and pasting the same thing from one place to another, but creating something new from what already exists. Old content can also be improved and updated to keep it relevant for users.

Identify Your Most Read Content and Create Related Content

Another good strategy is to identify the content with the most customer engagement and create additional content around it. Look for points that can be fleshed out further or even create the same topic from the opposite angle.

Create or Examine Your Pillar Pages

You can also create a pillar page or identify a pillar within your existing content and then create related content. In other words, look for a general topic from which subtopics can be extracted.

Keep Your Competitors in Mind

You should always take into account what your competitors are doing because it provides clues about what their audience finds interesting, which topics generate more engagement, and more.

Brainstorm With the Rest of Your Team

Another strategy is to brainstorm with team members. You should write each idea down, no matter how strange or unfeasible it may seem.

Strategies to Help You Avoid Creative Block

Many times, there can be a creative block that prevents you from continuing with your inbound marketing strategy. In these cases, here are our recommendations:

Avoid Having Too Many Ideas

Having too many ideas causes blockage. In these cases, it's best to sort these ideas, make a list of them and evaluate which ones are the most interesting for your target audience.

Write Down All the Ideas You Have Throughout the Day

It's easy to forget ideas, so it’s best to write them all down so you always have them to pull from. Ideas often lead to additional ideas, so it's important to document them somewhere.

Set Step-by-Step Goals

When you want to carry out a good content marketing strategy, it’s important to set objectives so that you can create material based on them. In other words, content that aims to generate web traffic and improve SEO positioning is not the same as content intended to generate sales. The idea is to set objectives in order to be clear about what type of content is needed.

Ask Your Community

Your community can also help a lot in content creation. It’s very easy to create surveys or ask questions for the audience to answer. In addition to generating a lot of engagement, it’s a way to make the community feel heard.

Now you have strategies that will help you fill in those blank spaces in your content calendar! Just remember that when it comes to content, quality is better than quantity.

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