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Gated Content: How to Use It to Generate More Leads

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By Tanit de Pouplana, on 23 March 2023

Gated content is a type of free content that can be accessed by any user who registers, fills out a form, or performs a certain action. Usually, personal data or information must be provided to access this blocked content. The objective of this strategy is to generate leads, hence certain information is requested as a requirement for access. With this in mind, we explain everything you need to know about this strategy in order to apply it correctly.

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Gated Content_ How to Use It to Generate More Leads

Advantages of Using Gated Content in Your Lead Generation Strategy

One of the main reasons why gated content has become one of the most used content strategies to generate leads is that it allows for the acquisition of quality contacts. Users who provide their personal data to access specific content have already demonstrated a greater interest in a particular topic than occasional users.

Moreover, the form used to collect this data can serve multiple purposes. It can be used to ask for the user's email address, which can then be used to communicate with them and increase the brand's database, as well as to gain insights into the user's interests and preferences. However, it's important to keep in mind that the form should not be too long, as this could deter users from filling it out.

By asking targeted questions, brands can gain a better understanding of their audience and tailor their product or service offerings accordingly. It's important to note that obtaining an email address does not guarantee a sale, but it does represent a step towards building a relationship of trust. If a brand delivers on its promises, the chances of turning those leads into customers will increase.

Disadvantages of Using Gated Content in Digital Marketing

Although gated content may initially seem like the perfect strategy for generating leads, it also has a number of disadvantages that must be taken into account. One of them is that the reach and traffic of this hidden content will be lower than that of any other content on the website. Furthermore, this content is not visible to search engines, even if the SEO has been optimized, because it can only be accessed through registration or after filling out a form,

It is important to note that some of the information obtained through forms and registrations may be false. Some users may not want to give personal data, so they provide a false name, an email account they do not use, or incorrect contact information intentionally.

Moreover, some users may try to find that information elsewhere or may choose not to access it if they have to provide personal data, resulting in lost leads and potential customers. However, it is worth considering that if they choose to forego the information, it means that they were not truly interested in it.

Clearly, greater caution is necessary when it comes to content that is hidden because it requires something in return, in this case, the completion of a form. This means that to avoid disappointing users, you must deliver what you promised.

Should You Have Gated Content?

Many companies have to decide whether to hide part of their content with gated content. The key in making the decision is to clarify the objective of the content; whether it's to generate quality leads or to increase web traffic. If it's the former, you might choose to hide some content. However, if it's the latter, it's better to keep it open so that search engines can find it and offer it in search results.

You should also consider where the user is in their journey when they visit your website, whether they found you through a search engine or because they already know about your brand. You should also think about the value and exclusivity of the content you're offering and your overall inbound marketing strategy.

Remember that gated content should always deliver what's promised and should be of higher quality than what's available freely and openly.

What Types of Content Can Be Used in Your Gated Content Strategies?

Certain types of content work well for this strategy, such as content updates or extensions. These publications provide a much more in-depth and detailed analysis of a topic that may have been covered in a more general way on the website. This means anyone can access the basic information, but those who are interested can learn more by providing their email and other personal data. This generates web traffic, improves search engine positioning, and generates quality leads.

You can also offer e-books or downloadable files to establish your company's authority within the industry. The length of an e-book allows for a deep dive into complex topics that couldn't be covered in a blog article. To ensure a high-quality database, the download link can be sent to the email provided.

Webinars are also popular and effective for promoting extensive courses or workshops. You can use them to provide an introduction to a paid course or workshop. This is similar to offering a free trial of software in exchange for the user's email or personal data.

A series of emails sent over several days is another effective approach. The content is delivered in parts to the user's email.

Successful Cases of Gated Content to Generate Leads

There are several companies that at some point have resorted to gated content to generate leads. Here are some examples:

  • Oracle: this is a data management tool used by companies that need to control and manage a large amount of information from a single site. In order to generate leads, the company decided to offer a demo to companies that would like to try the software, but in exchange they must provide their e-mail address and other personal data.
  • Infusionsoft: is an automated sales and marketing software. The brand decided to offer a demo of its product to all companies that filled out a form in order to generate customers.

In conclusion, gated content is an effective strategy that can be applied in any sector. It involves offering free content in exchange for personal data. Software often offers a free demo, but when it comes to visual content in text or any other format, the content offered is exclusive and of higher quality than what can be found for free.

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