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Call Tracking: What It Is and Its Advantages

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By Héctor Borrás, on 24 November 2022

Having numerical data is imperative to understanding if your marketing strategy yields is yielding beneficial results. One metric you can monitor is called call tracking.

In this article, we’ll explain what call tracking is and the advantages of including it in your marketing strategy.

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What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking monitors leads who are converted into customers through phone calls.

Although there are many companies that focus on getting customers through social media and websites, the telephone is still an effective communication channel to do so. In fact, there are customers who prefer to make a purchase or hire a service by phone rather than online because they can get direct information about it.

Call tracking monitors what percentage of calls are converted into sales. This information is valuable in defining future marketing campaigns and in knowing which type of strategy to invest in.

What Are the Advantages of Call Tracking?

One of the main advantages of call tracking is that it allows you to have absolute control of your marketing campaign. Using the right software, it’s possible to know the origin of the call and obtain information about the user. This way, there is a higher chance that the call will end in a sale. When a user calls to inquire about a certain product or service, it’s because they already have an interest in it!

With call tracking, it’s possible to save money by not spending it on actions that don’t work. You can also understand what ad spurred the customer to call, another important piece of information that tells you what works and what doesn’t.

If a user calls and doesn’t get an answer, there is usually a redirection.

The 5 Best Tools for Call Tracking

There are many softwares that allow call tracking, but these are some of the best ones:

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the best call tracking softwares. It allows you to do almost everything: prioritize the sales calls of the day, record conversations from the browser itself, and record them automatically.

This software is also capable of extracting keywords, transcribing, adding comments, and providing a wide variety of information and analyzing it. In addition, it allows the most frequently used and effective emails to be converted into conversation templates. Within in, you can also schedule emails and meetings and customize presentations.

2. CallRail

With CallRail, you can discover the keyword or ad that brought the user to that phone, as well as understand the location and name of the user. In addition, it’s able to analyze the effectiveness of a campaign from all the data collected. It also allows you to record calls and create and track text messages, among many other things.

It’s one of the best tools to use to know which ads have been the most effective.

3. Freshdesk Contact Center

Freshdesk Contact Center is useful for knowing the details of the whole process of a call and discovering why one ended without a sale. You can analyze the time of the call, the response time, if it has had any extra cost for the user or not, how it was developed, and more. All of this data can be combined and analyzed at once with a transcript.

It’s a very effective tool for knowing what needs to be improved within a campaign, since it records and analyzes all types of data.

4. WhatConverts

With WhatConvers, you can understand what marketing campaigns are more or less effective. It also analyzes and provides data that can be useful to attract more customers through phone calls. In addition, the program obtains data about the person who is calling.

This software, like others, is able to transcribe calls, track them, and even trace them.

5. DialogTech

Finally, DialogTech is another program that can be used for call tracking. It’s used to analyze and track calls and is equipped with artificial intelligence, so that it’s able to extract information and analyze it in order to improve the user experience.

This program allows you to know the data of a campaign without the need to connect to the Internet.

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Héctor Borrás

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Key Account Manager Engineer at Cyberclick. Expert in web application development and system integrations with over 10 years of experience. He holds a degree in Mathematics, a Higher Degree in Computer Application Development, and a Higher Degree in Multiplatform Application Development.