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Add Yours Sticker on Instagram: How to Use It in Your Campaigns

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By Michelle Bernachi, on 18 August 2022

The Add Yours sticker on Instagram is a popular sticker used in users' stories. It’s a sticker that allows you to create a thread of posts between users and participate in a viral trend.

But how can you use it in your campaigns?

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What Is the Instagram Add Yours Sticker and How Does It Work?

The Add Yours sticker allows other users to share content that has to do with a certain topic. It lets them be part of creating a large thread of related posts. Or, put another way, it’s a sticker that can only be used in Instagram Stories and allows you to create public reply threads. It creates a chain of posts where users can talk about a specific topic through an image.

Users can see who has responded to the story by clicking on the sticker. In other words, it’s a public challenge.

How to Add the Add Yours Sticker to Your Stories

This sticker can only be used within Instagram Stories, so you must press the sticker tool and select "Add Yours". The sticker will appear in the story, on the photo or video that it’s a part of, and you can give it a title and start a chain.

Followers who see that story will be able to click on the sticker to create their own related story. The followers of these followers will then be able to do the same, and this is how the sticker gains traction.

Advantages of Using the Add Yours Sticker in Your Stories

One of the main advantages of using the Add Yours sticker is to generate engagement with your audience, but it can also be used to learn about your audience's needs, concerns, and hobbies. The fact that it’s a public challenge is also a great way to reach new profiles.

9 Ideas for Using the Add Yours Sticker in Your Marketing Campaigns

If done in an original and eye-catching way, any marketing strategy can benefit from implementing the sticker.

Show Your Workspaces or Offices

Showing your workspace or office is a way to be transparent with your audience while also providing visibility into the brand.

It can also be a way to attract industry professionals who are actively looking for a job or who want a change, especially when the space is shown as a comfortable, bright, and pleasant place.

Recommend Related Businesses or Partners

It can be useful to give visibility to brands that you share values with or whom you have some kind of relationship with. It’s a form of a cobranding campaign.

Share Inspirational Phrases

At certain times, brands feel the need to launch motivational messages. This strategy humanizes a company. However, these inspirational phrases must be in line with the brand's image and values.

Recommend Articles Related to Your Sector

Recommending articles related to the sector that your company belongs to is a way to show what has inspired your brand, as well as its values and principles.

Showcase Your Favorite Podcasts

Similar to articles, it’s a way to show the public what kind of podcasts your brand identifies with the most and which brands have the same values.

Promote Small Businesses

This Instagram sticker gives visibility to ecommerce businesses and helps lesser-known businesses with a B2B model.

Share Your Learnings

Sharing knowledge indicates generosity, which is valued among users.

Show the Benefits of Your Products

Your brand can start a chain showing the benefits or results of your product and encourage your audience to do the same. This is a way for your audience to indirectly give its opinion about a product or service and a way for you to capture new customers through increased visibility.

Show How Your Products or Services Are Used

A chain can be created where your audience is encouraged to show how they use a particular product or service from your brand. In addition to giving your brand more credibility, it’s also a way to source new ideas.

Using Add Yours stickers in original and fun ways can be a way to generate leads, reinforce brand values, or make your brand known.

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