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How to Be a Good Marketer According to CMOs: 7 Key Qualities

By Helena Alcoverro, on 29 April 2021

Digital marketing is a dynamic and energetic profession, as it encompasses multiple disciplines and is constantly evolving.

Many marketers wear a lot of hats in the sense that they simultaneously face a lot of different challenges and tasks, all relating to different areas within marketing.

But what are the most important features and abilities to have when working in digital marketing? We asked 5 CMOs how to be a good marketer and what they look for in marketing professionals. As a digital marketing agency made up of some great marketers, we'll also give you our two cents!

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How to Be a Good Marketer According to CMOs


The 7 Qualities Of A Good Marketer

1. Analytical Capacity

In digital marketing, we are always working with data and research. Therefore, a professional in this field has to be comfortable with metrics and know how to interpret them. 

Digital marketing must always meet the company's goals. Therefore, a good marketer has to look beyond isolated data and identify key performance indicators (KPIs), i.e. metrics that indicate that global goals are being met.

In addition, multiple factors influence marketing campaigns, which means there's a seemingly endless amount of data available. Because of this, it's crucial to know how to isolate different variables and find the keys to optimizing each marketing action.

2. Communication

Digital marketers seek to build a connection between brands and users. Understanding a brand’s target audience and knowing how to communicate with them convincingly is essential. The digital marketer is also responsible for maintaining the tone of the brand and for transmitting honesty and clarity at all times. Many brand reputation crises are nothing but simple communication failures.

Whether they have to explain a new strategy, share the results of a campaign, or give a presentation, strong marketers tend to be strong communicators. Being able to communicate well within your own team and with clients are both important when considering how to be a good marketer.

3. Writing

Whether firing off a social media post, writing a blog entry, or even just a simple, email, marketers need to have strong writing skills. Many marketers dabble in some form of written content creation, so being able to clearly and effectively write is an essential skill. This is also important for internal and corporate communications, especially when it comes to campaign planning and reporting. 

4. Visual editing

Video content and photos are all the key ingredients of a brand's communication strategy. Therefore, most digital marketers are expected to know at least the basics of video and image editing. This is especially key for social media marketers and content marketers.

5. Creativity

Technical skills are essential, but so is having that "spark" that helps create unforgettable campaigns.

In the end, much of the success in digital marketing is about capturing your audience’s attention from the competition, especially now that user’s attention is more divided among different platforms. Because of this, a good digital marketing professional has to be able to think outside the box and come up with creative and unique ways to communicate and solve problems.

6. Teamwork

Marketers rarely work alone. Whether you work in a team or department, or you’re the only marketing person in your organization, a marketer needs to know how to be able to work on a team. Even the sole marketer in a small business has to be able to work collaboratively with other departments to get their tasks done and accomplish their goals.

With a marketing department that consists of several people specialized in different disciplines like content marketing, SEO/SEM, audiovisual content, collaboration and coordination between everyone is absolutely essential.

7. Curiosity

The digital marketing sector is always growing and evolving. Marketers never know what new platform or trend they'll find next week like new technology, a meme that goes viral, an update to Google's algorithm, etc.

This is why perhaps the most important quality of a marketer is curiosity, resilience to changes, and the desire to continue learning. With this type of mindset, every day in the work of a digital marketer is a new professional adventure.


What Types of Marketers Are CMOs Looking For?

To find out what a CMO or hiring manager is looking for when selecting digital marketers, there's nothing better than asking these people directly. That's why, in our Spanish podcast Respuestas de Marketing, we asked our guests "What is a good digital marketing professional to you?" Here's a selection of your answers.

(These answers have been translated from Spanish into English. Some sentences have been edited for clarity.)

Juan Carlos Muñoz, Director of Digital Marketing and CRM at Volvo Cars

“Put yourself in your clients' shoes. How would you like a certain company to relate to you using marketing?

It's common sense, being curious, thinking about how to do things differently, making things better.”

Javier Casado, Director of Digital Marketing of Grupo Planeta

“A good digital marketing professional, beyond just having digital marketing skills, is a person who is constantly learning, who is not afraid of change, who adapts to changes.”

Jaime Bisbal, Head of Marketing, Design, Behavioral Economics & Digital Sales of BBVA

“A person who has strategy and the ability to execute. They give you peace of mind of knowing that if you assign a project to them, they will know how to handle it from start to finish [....] Another key thing is that they understand the metrics needed to improve a project and know how to get the most out of it.”

Laura Ros, CEO of Volkswagen Spain

“We need people who are very innovative, creative, entrepreneurial, but at the same time with a lot of analytical capacity and the ability to synthesize. We are talking about the world of data, which often contrasts analytical capacity with creative ability, and we look for people who combine the two.”

Lucía García, Head of Marketing and Operations Manager of Badi

“I believe that here the key is to be a 7 in various marketing disciplines but to be a 10 in project management because to run a website or an app, there are many pieces that move at the same time. I think it's basic to know more or less all disciplines well, whether it's SEM or SEO, but then it's knowing how to coordinate them to get them all at the right speed.”


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