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Tags: Diseño Web & UX By Helen J (Guest Blogger), on 5 June 2020

10 Tips to Design A Professional Website

On the Internet, there are many suggestions and recommendations on website design elements. However, designers have different opinions on how a site should look. This is because, to a certain extent, web design and user experience are subjective. Wha...Read more

Tags: Diseño Web & UX By Patricia Puig, on 19 December 2019

Inclusive Design: Going Beyond Hearing or Seeing

Have you ever considered if your website’s design is inclusive for everyone?Read more

Tags: Diseño Web & UX By Sol Gonzalez, on 9 December 2019

Web Design and User Experience Trends (UX) for 2020

A new decade is finally here! And with it, it's bringing new advances in web design and UX (user experience) world. The current needs of the market dictate that the central axis of everything is the user. So what does that mean for 2020 UX trends? Read more

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