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The Power of Nostalgia Marketing

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By David Tomas, on 3 February 2022

Nostalgia marketing is an effective marketing strategy, especially when aimed at millennials and younger audiences.

So, what exactly is it and how can it help your brand? Read on to learn how to increase sales by using this strategy! * Are you ready to create a Buyer Persona for your next inbound marketing  campaign? Download our free Buyer Persona Template Pack, which includes a free  template, over 30 interview questions, and our helpful ebook.The Power of Nostalgia Marketing

What Is Nostalgia Marketing and How Does It Work?

Nostalgia marketing is an example of emotional marketing that causes people to remember happy memories. Brands that appeal to nostalgia awaken positive emotions in users.

The term "nostalgia" also evokes a strong feeling of connection between people from the same generation. The question "Do you remember...?" makes people feel like they are sharing important moments and cultural references. When it comes to brands, they can leverage this feeling of connection to create a community.

Nostalgia marketing is especially powerful in times of crisis, like the current pandemic, for example. Our environment is changing quickly, and we often say that in the past, everything was better and easier. Brands can capitalize on this opportunity to bring users back into their comfort zone, even if it's just for a moment.

3 Aspects to Keep in Mind When Planning a Nostalgia Marketing Campaign

As you can see, this type of strategy can be very powerful. However, before planning your campaign, we recommend that you reflect on these three key aspects to increase your chances of success:

  1. The age of your target audience: Most nostalgia campaigns are aimed at millennials and use references from the '80s and '90s. However, if your target is from a different generation, you will have to adjust your campaign accordingly. As always, you should do your research!

  2. Social customs and perceptions: Thirty years ago, feminism and LGBT rights were not at the forefront of social issues like they are today. That is why, when referencing the past, you have to be aware of how they might be perceived today.

  3. Evoke positive emotions that reflect your brand values: Brands that have been in the market for decades have it easier, but new brands have to find creative ways to achieve a real connection with their users through nostalgia marketing.

3 Examples of Nostalgia Marketing That Work

1. Pokémon Go

Five years ago, Pokémon Go was a global phenomenon. It even resulted in numerous incidents of people getting lost looking for pokémon.

Part of the key to its success was implementing augmented reality, but nostalgia marketing also played a key role. Thirty-somethings who grew up playing Pokémon were eager to relive the experience with new graphics that were much better than those of Game Boy. This is a great example of how to combine new and old to win over customers.

2. Friends

Friends will forever be a part of pop culture. In 2021, HBO launched a long-awaited reunion special in which the main cast was reunited to visit the original sets, meet with guests who appeared in the series and recreate old episodes. It was a perfect example of nostalgia marketing that simultaneously promoted HBO Max's streaming service.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft is aware that its browser, Microsoft Explorer, has become outdated. It has decided to use this fact to its advantage by creating a relaunch campaign called "Child of the 90s".

All of the iconic toys of the '90s, like the Tamagotchi, are present in this spot that reminds us of the good old days when the internet was just beginning.

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