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The online buyer purchases 3 times a month and spends 70€ on average in 2015

By Kelly Rogan, on 30 June 2015

67% of Internet users -a 52% increase than in 2013- are declared online buyers, with a purchase made on average 3 times a month and an average cost of 70€, an increase times 2 and 63€ since two years ago. This data comes from the eCommerce Study 2015 conducted by the IAB Spain -made with this partner VIKO - which analyzes market trends and buying process on the Internet.
This study provides much updated information on the online trade and shows what the latest trends that the same consumers are making. Using this information to our advantage when redirecting the actions of our marketing plan can be a good idea because it reliably known where customers interact with brands and what their behavior is.
In short, the main reasons why users will make purchases online are:
  • Economic. There are better deals on the internet and lower prices.
  • Comfort. From your computer or mobile device everything is more practical and chances are.
  • Trust. Buy in webs in which it has placed their trust or recommended by friends.
  • Lack of alternative. It is the only option for a product or service, as the physical store is closed or far from the place of residence.
The PC is still the preferred device (83%) to finalize purchases, but among the Apps Smartphone users now account for 40% of trade, compared to 60% of the browser, highlighting mainly in the target of 16-30 years old.
6 out of 10 online shoppers acquire technology and communications (68%). Among other products include leisure and culture (66%) and travel and accommodation (64%). In the case of men it highlights sports consumption and gambling, while women prefer to invest in fashion, footwear, accessories and beauty.
Purchasing process
Five stages are discussed in the buying process a user: identifying the need, search for information, influencers, choice of ecommerce and evaluation after sales. Taking these five starting points, the most interesting contributions that can be found in the detailed report below:
  • Where they like to find information to consumers is in direct Web Store, 56% of people prefer and search engines (51%).
  • What sources are those that most influence the consumer? Are particularly relevant blogs and forums (49%), followed by the recommendations made by family and friends (45%).
  • In the case of email, 78% of online shoppers receive emails with coupons or discounts and, of these, the vast majority (91%), uses both web (81%) and physical store (54% ).
  • The after-sales assessment. The average satisfaction is 8.1 out of 10, mainly for economic reasons, ease of use of the page, the payment offered, the confidence generated and deadlines.
  • On the downside, nearly 1 in 2 purchases was abandoned by hidden costs, few payment methods, unclear pricing or errors on the web.
Privacy and data tracking
In the area of ​​privacy and data tracking, more than half of online shoppers agree with the data of your purchases (65%) or having to register and receive offers by purchases (52%) are saved. However, it enjoys low acceptance that online advertising is seen to navigate performed related searches (34%).

Kelly Rogan

International Business Developer and Digital Marketer.