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MarTech: What It Is, Benefits, and Tools

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By Diana Palau, on 6 December 2023

Technology already permeates many parts of our lives, often giving us the feeling that we could no longer live without it. Especially at work, technology helps us optimize, streamline and improve processes. In this context, MarTech is gaining momentum. Have you heard of it yet? In this article, we'll tell you all about it and how it can help your marketing team improve their campaigns.

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MarTech What It Is Benefits and Tools

What Is MarTech

MarTech (a word formed by combining marketing and technology) is any software, tool or technology that has the ability to optimize a marketing campaign or strategy. These have been created with the objective of making the work of marketing professionals much more precise and simple.

Normally, the tools within marketing technology are geared towards executing, planning, and monitoring marketing actions. More on this below.

In today's marketing landscape, MarTech is indispensable for marketing teams. Without it, everything would be much more tedious. Just imagine having to manually publish social media content every day as outlined in the calendar. Sounds exhausting, doesn't it? Well, we owe the convenience of avoiding such manual tasks to MarTech.

Difference Between MarTech and AdTech

While the two terms might sound similar, they actually refer to completely different concepts. AdTech refer to the array of technologies designed for the creation and management of advertising campaigns.

MarTech encompasses technological tools that focus on non-paid marketing media such as SEO, CRM, or social networks. AdTech, on the other hand, operates in the realm of paid media, involving platforms for programmatic ad buying or tools for conversion tracking.

What MarTech Is For?

If the above information has been a bit overwhelming, don't worry! Below, we'll provide you with a more practical perspective on how these tools factor into the day-to-day life of a marketing team and how they can assist you.


Without automations, you'd lose valuable time that could be spent on other creative or more valuable tasks. Marketing technology tools can handle this for you and take care of repetitive and routine tasks to ensure everything flows more smoothly.

Process Management

Management tools are some of the most common in marketing technology. Their function is to organize and manage different processes to facilitate the work of teams.

Customer Service

MarTech tools also facilitate everything related to customer relations. Even with a good marketing strategy, sales teams must be able to serve customers in the right way. Without the help of technology, information and data from different customers would be overwhelming and disorganized (or the team would have to spend a lot of time sorting through it). Many MarTech tools take care of this to make the job easier.

Benefits of MarTech

  • Generate opportunities: With marketing technology, companies of all sizes can reach more people and improve their processes, since MarTech tools are affordable and scalable.
  • Increase efficiency and agility: Before the existence of MarTech tools, managing and administering marketing activities could become very tedious and slow down many processes. Now, everything can be done in less time and professionals can dedicate themselves to other tasks.
  • Improve data management: Managing data manually is not only tedious, but also means that many errors can occur. With marketing technology, these errors are minimized.
  • Boost the efficiency of campaigns: By being able to optimize and streamline processes, automate actions, and minimize risks, campaigns have a greater chance of success. Not only that, they can also be more focused on the target audience, since the data is stored and well organized.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: Greater organization and automation of processes allows professionals to have enough time to serve customers properly, making them happier with the service they receive and allowing loyalty rates to increase.

MarTech Tools


Can you imagine having to manually send all your subscribers a newsletter? Or worse, managing everything related to email marketing without the help of any tool. I bet you can't! Or maybe your company still does? If so, MailChimp is a great MarTech tool that you can use to automate all the processes related email. You can also use it to segment your contact list and get metrics on your campaign.


HubSpot is one of the most famous CRMs on the market. It allows you to have all your customer data in one place where you can see all their data and information at a glance. In addition, it also includes other functionalities related to marketing and sales that will help you implement your tasks.


This MarTech tool is focused on social media management. Hootsuite allows you to plan, create, track, and stay in touch with your audience from a single platform.

We hope this article has given you a deeper understanding of Martech and inspired you to integrate it at your company (if you haven't already). We assure you that the incredible benefits it can bring, both in the short and long term, are worth considering.

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