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Get 10,000 followers on your Twitter suddenly and you will die

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By Laia Cardona, on 22 October 2015

There are 7 deadly sins and worst one in Twitter is greed. To aspire the power is a temptation hard to resist and we all know that a great influencer is someone who has overcome the barrier of the five figures among his followers. There are very tempting offers that offer certain websites the option of getting thousands of fans in a few days and at a reasonable price. But from my point of view, if you get 10,000 followers all at once on your Twitter, you will die. Why? I'll leave 5 basic points detailing the reasons.


  • 1 # Fake Accounts: Trust is generated when Twitter users follow and create their favorite influencers. What is the reason? Because they see their tweets are shared, many people have rated among their favorites and are they are answered. In short, in this influencer account there is movement and they can get their posts to go viral, meaning that the mass of fans are real. Another trick is to look at the majority of followers that have a personal profile with a photo and text. However, distrust those who claim to have 10k or 20k followers, but there is no interaction or life in their account and if you look at all the followers they are fake with texts in foreign languages ​​(Chinese or Russian).
  • 2 # Free followers applications: Few people get 10,000 followers overnight! We all know this and Twitter too! The network recommends that you not use these types of apps, which say you can get many free followers, because it can be harmful and a breach of the Twitter rules. Your account may be compromised, automatically post spam or be filled with false followers, for this you can accumulate large amounts of blocks and be suspended.
  • 3 # Dying from success: What good are 10,000 followers if all of them are false? You are welcome! You can go bragging that have more than 5 digits among your followers, but if the "real followers" realize you're a ghost and that most of these accounts are "false followers", you will lose all your credibility. And remember to regain lost prestige costs a lot! 1000 real and quality followers are worth more than 10,000 purchased followers since the first you've earned and the latter you’ve paid €30 for to a dubious company.
  • 4 # Better to have less but quality followers: I understand that your goal is to get those 10,000 followers. Marking it as a personal challenge or a goal for your company is very commendable and if you really want to get started working hard. It can take years to reach this goal, but will be worth it when you see it fulfilled. Start small by publishing quality content, following relevant people and being passionate about your industry influencers mentions, hashtags used, creating relationships with others, etc. And in the end you'll get your prize!
  • 5 # 2000 following limit: Do not pass the followers list to other. Aggressive following is penalized by Twitter and can even close your account. Each user can follow 2000 users in total. Once you have reached this figure, there is a limit on the number of additional users you can follow: this limit is different for each profile and is based on the ratio between followers and followed. For example, you cannot follow 10,000 people if you only have 100 followers. When you get your daily or total limit Twitter will show an error message.

Laia Cardona


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Laia Cardona