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What Is a Content Marketing Manager and What Do They Do?

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By Laia Cardona, on 14 June 2023

Within content marketing, there is a position that's key to successfully carrying out communication strategies and content generation. This figure is the content marketing manager.

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What Is a Content Marketing Manager

What Is a Content Marketing Manager?

A content marketing manager, also known as digital content manager, is the person responsible for designing and implementing a brand's digital content strategy. Depending on the size of the company, there may be one or more. What is expected of them is creativity and a very deep knowledge of what the brand is and what it wants to express.

Functions of a Content Marketing Manager

The main functions of a content marketing manager are:

  • To be responsible for the editorial calendar. This involves knowing what events or actions need to be announced, such as new product launches, offers, or promotions. They also need to be aware of what products or services the brand is focusing on.

  • Designing and planning the content strategy. Designing, planning, and publishing content and making sure that each piece of content is optimized for SEO.

  • Team coordination. Managing all the people involved in the content creation.

  • Managing the network of collaborators. If a company is large enough to have recurring external collaborators, the content manager must coordinate them.

  • Measuring results. Knowing the results of a strategy is essential to planning the next one and knowing what to change or improve.

  • Writing quality copy. A good content manager must write well while taking SEO into account in order to attract users and have their content rank on search engines.

  • Social media management. Another function is knowing how to manage social networks and tracking how they are being in different strategies. A good content manager must also know how to create and manage ads for social media.

  • Review. In addition to all the above, they must ensure that all content is of quality, including visual elements such as photographs or videos, among others.

Knowledge and Skills Needed to Be a Successful Content Marketing Manager

In order to be able to carry out all the functions mentioned above, it is important that the content marketing manager has the ability to work in a team.

They must have a high capacity for adaptation, especially considering that the Internet is constantly changing and that search engines like Google change their algorithms regularly. This means that a digital marketing strategy that works today may not work tomorrow.

Finally, they must also know how to listen, both to customers and to the people who are part of the team, and have a facility for dialogue.

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