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Consumer Trust: What Is It?

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By Marina Sala, on 21 June 2023

Among the many marketing plans, the ones related to gaining consumer trust are some of the most important. This is mainly because without this trust, consumers will not bet on the product or service offered by a brand and will go to the competition.

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Consumer Trust What Is It

What Is Consumer Trust?

Consumer trust refers to the security, credibility, and peace of mind that a company conveys to the customer. This trust is achieved mainly through a brand's commitment to fulfill its promises and act responsibly, legally, and consistently with the customer.

It is important to bear in mind that, in order to build a relationship of trust, in addition to earning it, it is necessary to maintain it.

Why Is Consumer Trust Important for Your Business?

In addition to spending their money, customers today put their personal data at risk. This means that any company can and will lose sales if they do not have good policies around consumer trust. Consumers will not want to invest their money in products or services of dubious quality or origin, nor will they want to hand over their personal data if they are not sure what the company will do with it afterwards.

In general, in order to succeed as a brand and generate sales, customer trust and satisfaction are key.

Tips to Increase Consumer Trust in Your Brand

To increase consumer trust in your brand, it is very important to be honest and communicative. This goes from being transparent about prices and functionalities of the product being offered to specifying what the personal data provided by the consumer will be used for. The latter also implies respecting privacy limits.

It is also very important to offer excellent customer service, since this is precisely where most of the customer's trust is gained. In addition to friendliness, the consumer expects answers and solutions to any questions or issues.

Another way to get consumers to trust your company is by sharing comments or reviews from other customers. It has been proven that the opinion of other consumers generate much more trust than anything the company can say directly, since these are objective comments. With this in mind, the brand's role is to ask or encourage customers to leave feedback.

Being reachable is also a way to increase consumer trust. This does not mean being available 24/7, it means having a clear, easy way for customers to contact the company and get a response as soon as possible.

Finally, you have to keep in mind that regaining the trust of a customer who no longer believes in your brand is very complicated, so once you've earned trust, make sure you keep it.

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