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Best HubSpot Certifications: Top 5 Most Recommended Courses

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By Laia Cardona, on 24 August 2023

Earning a HubSpot Certification is a fantastic way to grow your marketing knowledge and show others that you’re up to date with industry trends. HubSpot Certifications are free courses that help people advance their knowledge of digital marketing methods, especially inbound marketing and sales. Once certified, you have access to badges that can be displayed on your professional profiles, like LinkedIn. Many people have already become certified in some area of marketing through the HubSpot Academy.

Depending on your marketing goals or what areas you’d like to learn more about, you can find the certifications that are most relevant to you. That said, our 5 favorites are the Inbound Marketing Certification, the Social Media Certification, the Content Marketing Certification, the Email Marketing Certification and HubSpot Inbound.

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5 Best Free HubSpot Certifications

1. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

This certification focuses on inbound marketing techniques that range from content creation and lead nurturing to converting leads into satisfied customers. Inbound marketing is a less invasive approach than traditional marketing and is at the core of many modern strategies. The course contains eight lessons divided up into 34 videos.

2. HubSpot Social Media Certification

Social media marketing has become the primary means of advertising for many brands. HubSpot’s social media course will teach you the fundamentals of strategy, brand awareness, public interaction, social inbound methods, measuring ROI, and more.

3. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

Content is still king, and producing great content is a skill every marketer should have. This course is one of the most in-depth trainings HubSpot offers and focuses on various strategies for increasing the quality of your content on a regular basis. Learn to create content frameworks, repurpose content, and streamline your efforts.

4. HubSpot Email Marketing Certification

Learn to manage and segment contacts and analyze the effectiveness of your emails in this comprehensive email marketing certification. Email marketing is one of the most in-demand marketing skills and this course helps you master the fundamentals.

5. HubSpot Inbound

Become familiar with overall inbound strategies. From marketing to sales and customer service, this training covers all the bases of the inbound methodology. Additionally, you’ll understand the flywheel and how to apply it to your business.

Digital marketing is ever-changing and keeping up with new methods and tools is a serious challenge. Fortunately, the HubSpot Academy and its free marketing certifications are an excellent way to stay up to speed with these industry evolutions.

They’re created by a highly respected brand, contain high-quality educational content, and are mostly free. We recommend earning a marketing certification with HubSpot!

Are HubSpot Certifications Worth It?

Cyberclick is a HubSpot partner and many members of our team have earned HubSpot certifications as part of their ongoing education in marketing.

Most HubSpot Certifications are 100% free, so from a monetary standpoint, they are certainly worth it. Additionally, HubSpot is an industry-recognized leader in inbound marketing, which makes its courses extremely valuable. The course content is well-crafted and delivered in easy-to-manage proportions.

By earning a HubSpot Certification, you can expand your knowledge by learning from experts. They also add a visible boost to resumes and profiles. Many employers are looking for people with knowledge in a range of marketing applications and HubSpot certifications are a great way to show that off.

It’s important to note that not all HubSpot courses come with a certification. Yet with dozens of free courses available on marketing, sales, and customer service, it’s likely you’ll find ones that are useful to you. There are short courses as well as more comprehensive ones. You can also search specifically for courses that have certifications by turning on the “show only certifications” option.

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