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Toni Arco

Technology Innovation | Tech Marketing Specialist | Entrepreneur Ceo de Social & Loyal

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By Toni Arco, on 18 September 2015

The 10 songs that inspired the mind of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is one of those great professionals whom you would devote a great Admire to (one of the 3 Cyberclick values that helps us to be a happy company). He was not only one of the most successful businessmen of his time - despite having to overco... Read more

Tags: Twitter By Toni Arco, on 12 August 2015

Twitter Audience Insight: Improve Your Twitter Ads Strategy

Segmentation is a key part of any marketing strategy, but how would it be possible to segment if we don’t know what parameters to base it off of? In other words, the more we know about users that we want to address our campaign to, the better and Twi... Read more