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App Store Optimization Guide

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By Héctor Borrás, on 7 February 2023

Positioning is important in the world of mobile applications, so any brand that has created one or more apps must carry out app marketing actions to ensure that theirs appear among the top results in app stores. This type of action is known as app store optimization or ASO.

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App Store Optimization

Definition of App Store Optimization

App store optimization, or ASO, groups all actions that optimize apps so that they appear among the first results of mobile application stores, such as Google Play Store or Apple's App Store.

As with websites, the better positioned an app is, the more downloads it will get. This means that it is important to know the algorithms and strategies that determine where apps are positioned.

5 Tips to Optimize Your App in the App Store

Good application optimization can be easily achieved if the following is taken into account:

  • The title should be short and contain the main keyword. The title is one of the most important parts, as it is the first thing the user notices. Although in the case of applications the title cannot exceed 30 characters, it is important that it contains the main keyword.

  • Make use of the subtitles. To position an app in the App Store, do not forget the 30 characters that are offered as a subtitle, as this allows you to give the user and the app store more information about the app through keywords.

  • The icon should be simple. In addition to the title, there is another part that users pay attention to: the icon. This should be simple, eye-catching and, as far as possible, provide information about what the app offers.

  • The description needs to be well written. Although it seems that the algorithm of the app stores ignores the description, it is something highly valued by users. It is of little use to appear among the first positions if users don’t decide to download the app due to lack of information.

  • Use keyword metadata. In the App Store, it is possible to enter up to 100 characters in the form of keywords separated by commas. These are a kind of hashtags that help the app be found in searches or through related content.

There are other factors that influence the success of a mobile app, such as whether it works properly, how much advertising has been done or whether it delivers what it promises, among other things.

Why It’s Important to Optimize for the App Store

App store optimization is essential for an app to be successful, since it is thanks to this that visibility is boosted. The more visible and better positioned an app is, the more organic downloads will be achieved, which is one of the main objectives when launching an app. In addition, it is precisely the number of downloads that allows the app to be monetized, so the more downloads, the more profits.

It has also been proven that through a good ASO, users can find and get to know a brand, which leads to a greater brand awareness and, often, greater profits.

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