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5 Digital Marketing Blunders That You Must Not Commit

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By Laia Cardona, on 2 November 2015

To make errors is only human, but when it comes to the image and the results of your brand, a mistake in your online marketing strategy can be very expensive. So today we will tell you 5 digital marketing blunders that you shouldn’t commit.

  1. 1. Continue using invasive advertising. Banners and popups are a thing of the past. Many users consider them annoying and more and more people install ad blockers to avoid them: only Adblock Plus, one of the most popular, has over 50 million users. If you want to listen to you, avoid the invasive formats and use native advertising or other more friendly formats.
  1. 2. Post at any time. All digital media has peaks and declines in audience and moments of more or less competition in content. Discern the right time, that is, one in which many of your users are connected but have little content competing for your attention, you can make double or triple the impact of your publications. Include the schedule planning factor in your content and avoid dead times on social networks, you'll see that you get much more out of your investment in digital advertising.
  1. 3. Make the intern the community manager. Many brand managers still make the mistake of believing that social networks are "a thing of kids" and that anyone who can use Facebook can take over the digital presence of the company. Error! The position of community manager is a big responsibility, because it is the image of your brand to millions of potential users. It is not enough that your community manager doesn’t make spelling mistakes: a person must be adequately trained to have a strategic vision of communication of your brand and keep it together in times of crisis.
  1. 4. To confuse visits with results. Another common mistake is to think that el objective of our online presence is to bring visits to our web or blog. Although traffic and increasing our visibility is important, it is essential to have clearly defined goals of conversion, downloads, subscriptions, online sales ... and focus on attracting quality traffic to increase conversion rates.
  1. 5. Not considering email marketing. Often this channel is neglected in exchange for newer formats, but email marketing is still able to contribute a lot to your brand. Your email marketing program can be a real "secret weapon" to multiply conversions, but it is not enough to send a newsletter to all your standard users every month. Personalization and retargeting are the keys to getting results with your email marketing strategy.

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