3 Ways to Start Whatsapp Marketing

By Jessica Bubenheim, on 21 August 2019

Nearly one billion people worldwide use WhatsApp to send and receive text messages. In the long term, the mobile messenger service could even overtake Facebook. For this reason, the service is also becoming increasingly interesting for marketing managers. But what potential does WhatsApp marketing have?

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3 ways to start Whatsapp Marketing

At the annual Facebook Marketing Summit event, held in the Netherlands, Facebook  announced that "WhatsApp will include advertising in its states from 2020," tweeted Olivier Ponteville, chief of media at BeConnectAgency, who attended the event. To this day, many of us have enjoyed an instant messaging platform that, unlike many other applications, had no ads.

Last year, in August, Facebook's vice president of business and marketing alliances had said the company planned to generate revenue from WhatsApp. The most popular messaging application in the world will no longer be "ad-free".


1. WhatsApp Ads

We have advanced that the ads will be very similar to Instagram, located in the stories and with a direct link to the respective ads. WhatsApp status, allow users to upload photos, videos or GIFs that disappear after 24 hours of posting them. Instead of seeing the status of the contacts we have, we will see the name of the company and its respective announcement. This means that we will not find an ad in the middle of a conversation, which relieves many of the users who were surprised to hear the news. 

Facebook Integration: Directly Connect With Your Audience

WhatsApp ads will be integrated into Facebook advertising. In this way, companies will already know the mechanics and operation of the ads, and can invest in the ads from the Facebook Ad manager.

In addition, WhatsApp will have the information of its users through Facebook. If a user of the social network likes a brand, this company can contact him directly by sending a message through WhatsApp. This may seem like an invasion of the privacy of these users, but also a highly effective way for companies to contact potential consumers.


2. WhatsApp Newsletters

Conversations initiated by companies will be paid, although it has not yet been specified what the value of each message will be. Given size of the platform, it is not expected to be cheap.

The way we know newsletters today, is an email sent to provide the recipient with promotions, news, information, discounts, and coupons. Newsletters have the advantage of retaining customers over the long term and building customer loyalty.

The difference between a classic e-mail newsletter and a WhatsApp newsletter is that the newsletter is sent via Messenger instead. This in turn has the advantage that the newsletters do not disappear between numerous advertising messages in the recipient's e-mail inbox, and appears on the same level as the personal WhatsApp messages. This way the customer feels more personally addressed and the development of a long-term customer relationship is promoted. 

WhatsApp Newsletter: How Do I Subscribe?

  • Usually, you can subscribe to WhatsApp newsletters like this:
  • Your mobile number will be entered into a form.
  • The WhatsApp phone number of the marketer is then displayed.
  • This marketer number is added to the user's phone contacts.
  • Any message or word about the opt-in is sent to the marketer for activation.
  • The company then uses WhatsApp to contact the user.
  • Unsubscribing from the WhatsApp newsletter is done by a specific user message (e.g., "Stop").


3. WhatsApp Business

Although it is still in the testing period, WhatsApp Business can separate your personal messages from your work environment messages. It will be an independent application to WhatsApp, and will allow to serve customers or employees through text messages. It will look more or less the same as conventional application, but with more serious and professional nuances. In the settings tab, we will find new sections such as statistics and company settings, where we can analyze data and choose what type of company we are. WhatsApp Business will also verify certain companies so that users know who they communicate with.

Brands are already preparing for their final launch, and the application will give them the opportunity to talk with customers, improve their customer service and launch personalized promotions. The app is now available in the Play Store and Google Play, although there are few lucky people who can enjoy the application since it is in Beta.


WhatsApp Marketing: Which Companies Will Benefit?

The ideas seem to be bubbling over when it comes to using WhatsApp. Especially companies with a young target group benefit from the new marketing method, as it allows a personal approach to the recipient. This ensures long-term customer loyalty and more sales.


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Jessica Bubenheim

International Business at Warwick Business School. Inspired by Social Entrepreneurs.