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Wordle: Why It Went Viral

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By Clàudia Martínez, on 22 March 2022

Brands that perform well on social networks know how important it is to adapt their marketing strategy to current trends. That's why some of them have already jumped on the Wordle bandwagon. In this article, we'll discuss how to play, why it's gone viral, and how brands have capitalized on its popularity.

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Wordle Why It Went Viral

What Is Wordle and How Does It Work?

Wordle is a game with a fairly simple dynamic. The goal is to guess a 5-letter word in 6 attempts. After each attempt, the game turns each letter a different color to show if your guess got you closer to guessing the word: gray if the letter is not in the word, yellow if it is but in a different position, and green if you have guessed both the letter and the position correctly. You can only play once per day.

Originally Wordle was only in English, but since the start of 2022 different versions of the game have been released.

Wordle Why It Went Viral

Wordle went viral in just a few months and already has more than two million daily players. In January 2022, its creator, Josh Wardle, sold the game to The New York Times for more than a million dollars.

Why Has It Gone Viral on Social Networks?

Wordle takes full advantage of the pull of social gaming. The game gives players the option to share their scores with their family and friends and even includes statistics like the total number of games played, the player's win percentage, the number of games played in a row, and the max streak. The fact that you can only play once per day makes it even more addictive.

Brands That Have Joined the Wordle Trend

Many brands have taken advantage of Wordle's popularity.:

  • Nokia has published an image where the green Wordle squares form the mythical snake of the game that hooked the first cell phone users

Wordle Why It Went Viral

  • The Hilton hotel chain has published an image of one of its exterior facades in which the windows are illuminated with the Wordle colors (gray, yellow, and green) and formes a 5x6 grid, just like the game.

Wordle Why It Went Viral

  • Lego replicated the gray, yellow, and green Wordle grid.

LEGO on Twitter:

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