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What is Niche Marketing? 5 Examples

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By Anna Ribas, on 23 February 2021

Standing out and getting noticed isn’t easy in today’s crowded marketplaces. Niche marketing can and does change that for some brands. By finding ways to differentiate and communicate with niche audiences you too can attract new customers and build a successful niche business

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What is Niche Marketing?

Niche Marketing Definition

Niche marketing focuses on a specific target audience rather than advertising to anyone who could have interest in products or services. By identifying a unique group of people who are underserved or have particular preferences and identities, brands can connect on a deeper level compared to broader marketing strategies. Niche marketing can create distinction between your brand and competitors while also building brand value.

Think about it this way: You provide video content creation services to startups. Instead of spending your advertising dollars on marketing to all types of startups, you focus on women-owned businesses specifically. Why? Perhaps you’re a woman, too and you understand their specific challenges. Or maybe you simply see a way to serve these businesses better than others. Either way, you’re creating differentiation and developing authority in this niche.

Examples of niche segmentation:

  • Price point
  • Location
  • Quality
  • Lifestyle
  • Profession
  • Beliefs
  • Gender
  • Culture

Niche Marketing Strategy

By developing a niche marketing strategy you’re creating a more focused business that has a unique value proposition. Rather than resonating on a base level with more customers, you connect at a much more profound level with some people who say, “This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.” This creates engaged and satisfied customers who are likely to sing your praises. But how do you identify a niche audience and create a niche marketing strategy?

Find and Get to Know Your Niche Audience

Finding your specific niche audience takes some time and research. Start by focusing on the strengths of your brand and what kinds of people you actually want to work with. Maybe they are a segment of your existing clientele that likes your brand for a particular reason. Begin with audience segmentation and then work down to a more granular level.

Or maybe they are an audience that is experiencing explosive growth at the moment. By doing some industry specific keyword research you can find out what people are searching for and validate your idea before jumping in.

Regardless of who your niche audience is, you need to get to know them and their behaviors. Where do they spend their time online? What do they shop for? What are their needs? By pinpointing these tendencies you can better communicate with them and provide a better service overall.

In the end you want to solve their problems better than anyone else can. Tools like Alexa’s Overlap Tool can help you identify details about your target audience. Another great way to find out what shoppers in your industry want: Ask them! Take a poll of your existing customers or run a poll with Facebook ads to find out what people are missing from services or products in your industry.

Examples of Niche Marketing

Many brands have found success by focusing on niche marketing. Here are a few that might provide some inspiration for your own niche marketing ideas and projects.

1. Glorious PC Gaming Race

By appealing to gamers with unique and customizable hardware like keyboards and mice, Glorious PC Gaming Race has grown into a seven figure business. Gaming is growing at a furious pace and while most retailers are focusing on games, Glorious PC Gaming Race went in the opposite direction: hardware.

What is Niche Marketing?

Customizable PC gaming hardware from Glorious PC Gaming Race.

2. Freelancer at Work

A brand devoted exclusively to remote workers, Freelancer at Work makes custom decals for your laptop. So, wherever you’re working, at a coffee shop for example, your personal brand is being advertised while you work. A perfect time for would be clients to approach you and get your contact info! A simple yet ingenious idea originally created by a freelancer just like the audience she serves.

What is Niche Marketing?

Freelancer at Work: A simple yet highly effective niche marketing idea aimed at the growing freelancer market.

3. Bee’s Wrap

An end to plastic wrap? Bee’s Wrap produces reusable plastic wrap for food storage made from beeswax. Another great niche marketing idea that caters to environmentally conscious consumers and aims to help combat plastic waste. Founder Sarah Kaeck saw a need for eco-friendly, reusable food wrap in her own kitchen and the rest is history.

What is Niche Marketing?

Bee’s Wrap targets a niche audience of eco-conscious consumers who want to eliminate plastic waste and use natural products.

4. Vermont Wooden Toys

Ron Voake knows what his customers want: quality, handmade wooden toys that are free of chemicals. All his products are hand-crafted by him in Vermont and he takes most of his orders by phone. He also knows he doesn’t need a high-tech website or to complicate things; he’s been creating quality products for over 45 years and customers seek him out. Due to concern over lead paint on toys 2007, Vermont Wooden Toys saw an uptick in sales that continues to this day.

What is Niche Marketing?

Vermont Wooden Toys markets to a niche audience of people looking for quality, handcrafted toys free of harmful chemicals.

5. TomboyX

The LBGTQ+ community spends about 10% more than the rest of the American population. They also have unique preferences and shopping habits. TomboyX makes underwear and undergarments with a focus on an LBGTQ+ audience, and for “every body”, meaning there’s a cut and fit to suit different shapes and sizes. Founder Fran Dunaway saw a need for more types of underwear for women and decided to start making them. Shoppers have definitely responded as TomboyX has tripled their revenue!

What is Niche Marketing?

TomboyX’s niche marketing focus on underwear for the LBGTQ+ community is a great example of a brand having success by working with an underserved market.

Niche marketing is a great way for brands to concentrate on what they do best and stand out in crowded marketplaces. Within every industry there are niche audiences who have specific problems that need to be solved. With a bit of research, curiosity and courage, niche marketing can help your brand identify people who are the perfect fit for what you offer. You want engaged, satisfied customers and niche marketing is an excellent way for you to find them, and for them to find you.

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Anna Ribas