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What Is JavaScript? How It Works and Its Benefits

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By Héctor Borrás, on 13 December 2022

Within web design there is a lot of talk about the JavaScript programming language, since it is the only one that works natively in browsers. In marketing, the design of your web pages is where javascript can play an important role because knowing it is essential when creating them. So what exactly is JavaScript? Let’s take a look.

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What Is JavaScript

What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language used to make interactive, dynamic content like web pages and apps. It is the only programming language that works natively in browsers and it’s basically used to give life to a web page.

Thanks to this type of language, the user experience can be improved. JavaScript allows you to add interactive maps, animations, drop-down menus, or other content that facilitates interaction with the site.

JavaScript is very widespread. It is used in different types of software, such as games, web applications, and blockchain technologies, among others.

How Does JavaScript Work?

Like any other programming language, JavaScript works through syntax translation. Code is entered and is then converted or translated into machine code so that the operating system can execute it.

One of the particularities of JavaScript is that it is a user-side programming language. This means that it is executed in the user's browser without the need for the user to download anything, since all current browsers have the necessary software integrated.

What Are the Benefits of JavaScript?

One of the main advantages of JavaScript is that it is easy to learn and code, so developers use this type of language in virtually any web page. It is also one of the few programming languages that can be used on any site and that any machine can run.

Another benefit of JavaScript is that it reduces server load and network congestion, making it possible to manage and process several actions simultaneously.

Finally, another benefit is that it significantly improves the user interface and makes searching within the web page much faster and easier. It also facilitates the understanding of the content through elements that can make it easier to read.

Although there are many other programming languages, JavaScript is one of the most widely used for three main reasons:

  • It is easily integrated into any web page

  • it makes it possible to do things in a very simple way

  • It is supported by most browsers.

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