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By Judit Pan, on 28 September 2015

Do you still not know that there are certain dead time on social networks, where the performance of your publication can be doubled or even tripled- and others where it is practically lousy? Since the optimal times differ depending on the area and context, in this article we want to highlight the opposite: those known as "idle times" intervals in which it is prohibited to post on social networks if you want your material to have a minimum reach and interaction with followers.

The growing trend to have a good presence on social networks reveals a more than obvious fact: the fierce competition for a limited audience. Professional profiles as well as influencers and individuals struggle today for greater reach on publications.

A video, an image, an article, computer graphics ... Regardless of the format or the author, they are all on one stage competing for virality. In this context of rivalry, multiple studies have been done to discover the best and worst times to upload advertisements.

We have created the following graphics to illustrate the worst days and times to post content on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest with some facts you'll want to consider for your future posts.

Social Media Dead Zones

Clearly these times are not 100% conclusive, other factors such as the type of business you are play a very important role in this data. Also, keep in mind that your geographical area also affects the effectiveness of the publication. The data collected in this infographic affects your time zone only; you will see other regions in another time. Therefore you must choose your target and go from there.

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Judit Pan