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22 Content Ideas to Get More Followers on TikTok

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By Clàudia Martínez, on 14 April 2023

TikTok has become a favorite among users, especially younger ones, like Gen Z. The platform has great opportunities for marketing because you can use it to increase brand awareness and reach new audiences. That being said, as with any other social network, if you want to have a presence and grow your followers, you will have to publish valuable content that is relevant to your users. Joining or even creating challenges, posting dance videos, taking questions, creating contests, broadcasting live videos and making the most of current events are just some of the 22 content ideas we want to share with your today. * Do you want to incorporate TikTok into your social media strategy, but  you're not sure where to start? Learn all about TikTok marketing, from organic  campaigns to paid ads, in ourfree ebook, The Complete Guide to TikTok Marketing!

1. Publish Valuable Content

This is a classic that never fails: provide something useful to your audience. For example, you can get inspired by what we do on our account from the Spanish side of at Cyberclick.

Content Ideas to Get More Followers on TikTok

2. Join or Create Challenges

Join the social challenges that are trending on the web or launch your own challenge with a hashtag from your brand. Check out an example from the popular #levelup challenge below if you need some ideas to get started.

3. Post Dance Videos

Dance videos are one of the classics types of content on TikTok. They get a lot of attention and and you can even combine a challenge and a dance.

4. Make Playbacks

This is another type of content that's commonly seen on this network. It lets you add stickers and other effects to your TikToks.

5. Make Duet Videos

Duets are another TikTok trend. They are based on taking an already published video and then add your own recording.

6. Take Questions

Answer questions with the title of a song. This is another thing that has been trending on this network. Or you can simply use the Q&A sticker on your stories to let your followers ask their questions, which you can then answer in following stories.

7. Make the Most of Current Events

Make videos related to current events, whether that's something in the news, a topic in pop culture, or something that's trending online.

8. Share Your Interests

Create videos about your daily life where you can include your friends, activities, hobbies, daily routines, etc. GRWM (Get Ready With Me) videos have become an extremely popular way to tell stories, whether or not they are related to beauty or fashion, although that's how they initially started. "Day in the life videos" are another idea.

9. Help People Relax

Post beautiful and relaxing videos. Because sometimes all we need is to see colorful paint slowly spread across a sheet of paper. Really.

10. Create Something Educational

Share educational videos. A lot of content on TikTok is focused on entertainment, but that doesn't mean there's no place for education.

11. Collaborate with Influencers

Partner with an influencer to produce content. This can be mutually beneficial and provide interesting content for your followers.

12. Don't Forget About Holidays

Create videos to celebrate special occasions like anniversaries, holidays, Women's Day, etc.

13. Make Tutorials

Post creative tutorials where you can showcase your products or your skills. This is especially relevant for makeup and DIY.

14. Create a Branded Filter

Similar to Instagram and Snapchat, creators can add augmented reality lenses and filters to their videos on TikTok to create special effects, and brands can take advantage of this trend by uploading custom filters.

15. Use Slow Motion

Make slow motion videos. They are fun to watch and users love them!

16. Create a Contest

Organize a contest with a hashtag and encourage users to generate content to participate.

17. Use the "Freeze Frame" Effect

This peculiar feature allows you to create videos where the protagonist appears as a frozen image and then can interact with themself.

18. Make Before and After Videos

These can be about makeup, clothing, decoration, anything! These types of videos are suitable for many topics and help you show the spectacular results of your products and talent.

19. Broadcast Live Videos

Like many social networks, TikTok also has live video, so you can use it to interact with your audience in real time.

20. Reflect the Personality of Your Brand

There are many types of content on TikTok, but you should not lose sight of the values and essence of your brand. If users like your content on other networks, you can certainly find a way to adapt it to TikTok.

21. Use Hashtags

On TikTok, like on many social platforms, hashtags are a great way for you to boost your content. To do this, use trending hashtags on your posts or look at what hashtags are currently trending and then make videos based on those.

22. Post High Quality Video

Make sure you're posting videos with great sound and visuals. People will be quick to skip over blurry, messy videos, so consider investing in a good camera, decent lighting, and maybe even a good microphone depending on the kinds of videos you make.

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Clàudia Martínez