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Amazon DSP: What It Is and How to Leverage It for Advertising

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By Anna Ribas, on 2 July 2024

Amazon DSP is Amazon’s programmatic advertising tool that allows you to manage such campaigns across various platforms within its ecosystem. Examples include Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Music, Fire TV, Twitch, Audible, IMDb, and Kindle, among other internal and external platforms.

With Amazon DSP, you can purchase advertising spaces across Amazon-owned platforms (and selected external ones) to promote your products and services, ensuring your campaigns reach the audience most likely to convert. Programmatic advertising identifies patterns and audience characteristics to display your ads to the users most interested in your brand.

If you’re interested in incorporating Amazon DSP into your digital marketing strategy, here are the basics you need to know to get started. Additionally, we’ll share some success stories to inspire you and showcase what you can achieve with this tool.

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Amazon DSP

How Does Amazon DSP Work and Who Can Use It?

Like all programmatic advertising, Amazon DSP offers interested parties various advertising spaces across its different platforms and others externally.

Brands can purchase these spaces through an automatic real-time bidding system.

Both companies that sell on Amazon and those that don’t can use Amazon DSP, as it’s not exclusive to marketplace sellers. Therefore, if you’re interested in promoting yourself within the Amazon ecosystem and on its external platforms, this tool is for you.

Amazon Ads vs. Amazon DSP: Are They the Same?

The main difference between Amazon Ads and Amazon DSP is that the former is designed exclusively for brands selling on Amazon to promote their products within the marketplace. The goal is to increase the visibility of the products they have for sale on the platform.

Meanwhile, as mentioned, Amazon DSP allows advertisers whether they sell on Amazon Marketplace or not.

Ads launched through Amazon Ads redirect the audience to the product page within the marketplace or to the brand’s store within the marketplace.

In contrast, with campaigns launched through Amazon DSP, you can redirect users to a page within the Amazon ecosystem or to external pages, such as your own ecommerce site. However, you should know that when redirecting users outside the Amazon ecosystem, there are restrictions on what can be advertised.

Amazon Ads and DSP also differ in their payment models. The former uses a pay-per-click (PPC) system, while the latter uses cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

Moreover, with Amazon DSP, you need to contact Amazon before using the tool to help you with the registration process.

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How Does Amazon DSP Differ from Other Programmatic Advertising Platforms?

The most interesting aspect of Amazon DSP's programmatic advertising tool is the wide variety of audiences advertisers can target in their campaigns. This enables brands to achieve better ad performance and reach people who are interested in their products or services. In essence, Amazon DSP allows for better segmentation, including the ability to create custom audiences and choose specific characteristics.

Additionally, the analytical tools provided by the platform are comprehensive, offering the metrics you need to understand how your campaign is performing and how to improve it.

Finally, unlike other programmatic advertising platforms, Amazon DSP ensures that the ad spaces offered meet your brand’s requirements and quality standards.

Success Stories

Ilerna Online

At Cyberclick, we are particularly proud of this success story, as our team led and managed the entire programmatic advertising campaign for Ilerna Online on Amazon DSP.

The company aimed to enhance its brand image and drive traffic to its website to attract potential customers.

The results were excellent, achieving a CPM of €1.01, 5.9 million impressions, and a CTR of 0.10%.

Ilerna Online

Chevrolet Mexico

Chevrolet Mexico’s primary objective with its programmatic advertising campaign on Amazon DSP was to promote the Groove model, its most affordable utility vehicle, to increase brand awareness and make sure it was considered by users interested in purchasing a car.

To achieve this, they launched a display campaign that redirected interested users to a customized landing page on Amazon with all the vehicle’s information.

The results exceeded expectations, with 23 million impressions and a click-through rate of 0.27%.

Chevrolet Amazon DSPSource:


Cheetos wanted to use Amazon Demand Side Platform to launch its new product: Cheetos Mac’n Cheese.

The campaign included both static and video placements, redirecting users to the Cheetos page on Amazon.

The result was a 5.3% increase in purchase intent and a 6.3% improvement in brand valuation.

cheetos amazon dspSource:

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