7 tips to increase traffic to your website

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By Cyberclick, on 17 February 2016

You don’t need magic wands or fabulous spells to become known in the digital world, but you do need to analyze each action you take in depth, in order to determine what generates recognition and what doesn’t.

This is why I would like to give you 7 tips to apply on your website, related to design, content, online public relations, SEO, social network management and overall tips to improve the quality of your website.

7 Tips to increase traffic to your website

1. Improve your website's design

It is extremely important for a website to have a structure and design that are in sync with its goals, including the strategic organization of your site. This is why it is vital to take “responsive design” into account in order to increase traffic. What we mean by this is the fact of the website being able to be viewed on any device, be them tablets, smartphones, personal computers or even Smart Screens. Do not forget as well that within the design of the site, to optimize the loading time and not include images or features that are too heavy. This can serve as a huge impediment in retaining users on any website.

7 Tips to increase traffic to your website

2. Create and use a blog

Before anything else, one of the first steps to attracting traffic is having a blog, in which you share your points of view regarding diverse topics which you know and master, and step by step your blog will begin to be referenced and initiate debates.

Its not just about creating a blog however, as for it to be successful, you need to create high quality content which can be referenced by other people interested in the same topics. The higher the quality of the content, the more likely it will be for it to be shared and to rope people in.

  • Respect the length of the articles and try to mix it up a bit, varying between long articles (when the content is worth it) and when the content is quite short keep the article is short as well. Basically, just say what it is you have to say and let the content determine the length.
  • Before starting to publish on your blog, it is also important to compile a list of possible topics which are trending or which are having a lot of visits on other blogs, although you should be original and try to approach the topics from a different angle, in order not to be repetitive and increase the value of your blog.
  • Use titles that attract users’ attention, so that your posts aren’t overlooked. Futhermore, use titles that are actually relevant to the content you are writing about (do not try to trick users, as they will catch on quickly), try titles that create expectations about something your are writing about in your article, or titles which ask a question or guarantee a benefit to your users.
  • Once you have your content ready, be sure to take into account aspects such as ideal publishing times (read here for the hottest hours to post), which vary depending on which social network you are using, but will help you reach out to more people.
  • Include links directing users to older posts related to the topic which you are writing about, to add valuable information as well as redirecting your audience to your own website. Organize content per categories, making it easier for users to find a certain topic or a specific article.

7 Tips to increase traffic to your website

3. Maintain your online public relations

Just as it is important to write, it is also important to establish relationships with people with certain influence regarding topics you share on your website, through which you can manage to get periodic collaborations which adds extra value to the articles you regularly publish. Getting quality guest authors to write for your blog every now and then sparks interest in other opinion leaders also.

7 Tips to increase traffic to your website

4. Use SEO strategies

This is another very important point when attracting traffic to your website, as using an SEO strategy will help users to find your website quickly and organically every time they use a search engine (like Google).

To achieve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you have to use keywords specific to your topic, as well as metadata which is useful when searching and inviting users to enter, read and know more about you.

Remember that you should write your articles for people and not for search engines, because at the end of the day it is the users that read and value your content.

7 Tips to increase traffic to your website

5. Create additional content

If its important to have useful information on your blog, it would also be a good investment to create additional content that improves your user’s experience like video blogs, video tutorials and infographics which compile quality information, creating an attractive environment, capable of standing out from the competition.

7 Tips to increase traffic to your website

6. Use social networks

Another way to attract traffic to your website is through social networks. In order to do this you need to create a social media strategy in which, as we mentioned above, you have established the best times and dates to publish per social network.

Invite dialogue and don’t just fill your profile with posts, but use the networks as an instant communication platform, by paying attention and valuing comments made by users.

7 Tips to increase traffic to your website

7. Analyze the competition

Last but not least, be sure to meticulously analyze your competition. Its not about imitating or copying ideas that works for them, but instead about adapting strategies that could be beneficial for your website. Observe their weaknesses and turn them into your successes.

We hope that these recommendations have given you a clearer view of all the viable options you can work on to attract traffic to your website. Please don’t hesitate to tell us what other methods have worked for you to improve the time spent by users on you website.

7 Tips to increase traffic to your website

Guest writer:

Karina Janet Padilla Uribe


I am an Advertising and Public Relations graduate from Universidad de Veracruzana. At the moment I write for and collaborate with different technological, ecommerce, marketing and SEO brands. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music while talking a walk and watching the sunset.

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