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20 Words That Convert Online Sales

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By Laia Cardona, on 31 October 2018

In the world of marketing, selling more is the great obsession of many brands ... and sometimes, the trick is to find the right word. Throughout many years of work and testing, marketers have been finding a series of "words that convert". These words are known for helping us attract customers, overcome their resistances and end up converting them from leads to clients.

20 words that convert

20 words that convert online sales

  1. You (or the name of the person we are addressing). The personalization trend in marketing is ever growing, and thanks to big data, we’re increasingly able to optimize marketing efforts through information. When writing copies, its important to make it very clear to the user that you are thinking about that user, and that user only.

  2. Free. Its one of the most used resources, but it does not lose its effectiveness. The ‘power of free’ to conquer us has been proven in lots of studies over the years, so don’t stop taking advantage of it in your campaigns.

  3. Savings. Economic arguments have always played a very important role in marketing, and even more since the rise of low-cost brands. Clearly indicating to the user how much you’re going to save them compared to other brands or options can be the key to convince your user.

  4. Limited. Here we take advantage of the famous sense of urgency: if we know that something may end soon, our disposition to convert (or purchase impulse) is accelerated as we hurry to seize the opportunity.

  5. Easy. Often in today’s modern world, stress and saturation are our daily breakfast served hot and fresh in the morning. Therefore, when a product promises to make life easier for us, it is much more attractive to us. In online marketing, this word is very useful to give the user confidence in the registration processes, forms and other procedures: the easier it is to become a client, the more possibilities the user will have to convert.

  6. Opportunity. Opportunities are like a train that only passes once through the station: either we catch them on the fly, or they’re gone forever. Once again, we are creating a sense of an unrepeatable occasion to generate the reaction we seek - accelerating the disposition to convert.

  7. Exclusive. We all like to feel special and unique. Therefore, offers that promise a product or even a content that not everyone can access, have a high propensity to succeed.

  8. Guaranteed. This word of online sales takes advantage of a characteristic natural to humans which is their risk aversion, or ‘fear of risk’. The client needs to be sure that everything will turn out well, and words like "guaranteed" contribute to that security. If you can, it is convenient that you reinforce it explaining what your guarantee consists of.

  9. New. Another very natural characteristic of us humans: the love for novelty. "New" is one of the star claims of marketing always, whether it is a product release or an improved feature. If you have the opportunity to introduce it in your communications, don’t hesitate!

  10. Fast. In the online environment, users have become impatient to waiting. As users, we want to achieve the results we seek or find our customer ‘pain killer’ as soon as possible - the sooner the better. This word converts because it lets the consumer know that they will not have to wait, and that again reinforces their disposition to convert. The term "immediately" also works well.

  11. The percentage symbol (%). Okay, this is not exactly a word. However, the fact is that when it comes to presenting your offer, you should always talk about specific numbers and percentages, for example "20% discount". Offering exact figures gives a sense of confidence, since the client knows precisely what he is going to achieve.

  12. Better or More. In the end, we all seek to improve continuously in different aspects of our lives. Therefore, this word reaches the core of many of our desires. Another very interesting option is "more", which has a similar effect.

  13. No commitment. Unfortunately, we are used to brands "cheating" and trying to trap us with permanency contracts and other unwanted commitments. To counteract this repulse to convert, it is necessary to clearly explain to the user that he can unsubscribe at any time and that he is not bound to anything ... as long as it is true, of course.

  14. Now. Another word known to accelerate conversion rates in online sales is one that takes advantage of the sense of urgency and immediacy - now. Its possible that the user does not remember us tomorrow, so we are interested in motivating you to take an action in the shortest possible time.

  15. Gift or Present. Who doesn’t like to be gifted something? This is a variant of the word "free", but its effect is slightly different. If we talk about a gift, the user will feel specially entertained, since normally gifts come from our loved ones and are made on special occasions.

  16. Solution. Although it is valid for different contexts, this word is especially useful in B2B marketing. In general, company managers look for ways to solve the problems and challenges they face. Raising an attractive campaign involves clearly identifying one of your needs and offering a convincing solution.

  17. Results. Another very useful term for online sales in B2B, is results. This performance oriented word ultimately gives your customers what they are looking for, which is to improve their metrics. As we have said before, it is always interesting to talk about concrete figures or even, if possible, success stories.

  18. Discover. The choice of verbs in our calls to action is also a topic to consider for future online sales. For example, "discover" suggests that there is something hidden and interesting waiting for us to explore it, something that will change the way we see things. Our innate curiosity will make it hard for us to resist clicking.

  19. Secrets. Like the previous word, this word sparks leads to convert as it exploits our curiosity and calls on our willingness to know more.

  20. Enjoy. Our final word that converts online sales is this verb that attracts the attention of customers. To enjoy is to go a step beyond simply solving a need. This marketing word converts our hedonistic senses and tells us that what awaits us is really worth it. Its natural use is in leisure or tourism type campaigns, but surely you can find many more contexts where it is effective.

Feeling ready to drive more online sales? When generating your copies or creative posts, be sure to keep these converting words in mind. Your users will soon feel encouraged to make that final transaction with you, be it a sale or another conversion goal.

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