Free Marketing Tools and Techniques for Instagram Advertising

By Laia Cardona, on 28 February 2022

Where would we be without free marketing tools and techniques? They make marketing more accessible, help you organize your online presence, and generally make your life a lot easier by saving you time, money, and resources. 

Today, let’s talk about Instagram advertising and the tools that can help make launching campaigns easier.

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At the time of writing, all of the following tools were free or had a free option.


15 Free Marketing Tools for Instagram


1. Crowdfire

Are you trying to grow your followers on Instagram? If so, this free tool for Instagram has everything you need. You can use its desktop version or the app for iOS or Android.

With Crowdfire, you can easily manage your followers and who you follow with these options.

  • Automatically unfollow users who don’t follow you. 
  • Copy followers from a different account. 
  • See a list of your “fans” (users who you don’t follow but they follow you).
  • View new followers and people who unfollowed you.



Free Marketing Tools and Techniques for Instagram Advertising


2. 10Web Social Photo Feed

This tool is a WordPress plugin that lets you connect your Instagram feed to your website. It is very user-friendly and doesn't take long to set up. Once you configure everything just the way you want it, you'll be able to display content from Instagram exactly how and where you want on your site, blog, etc.


3. Later

This free Instagram advertising tool lets you program posts for future dates. When the time comes, you will receive a notification asking for your approval to publish. It also allows you to search for and publish content from the internet and add several team members. It is the closest you can get to automating your Instagram account. 


4. Repost

Think of this tool as the equivalent of Twitter's “retweet” button but on Instagram. This tool makes it almost as easy to publish another user’s content on your own account (with credit, of course). You can save photos and videos to repost later, search for content, and repost with just one click. It even automatically quotes the original author.


5. Buffer

Buffer is a tool that lets you plan and schedule content for your Instagram account. It's especially useful for ecommerce accounts because it allows you to connect your 'link in bio' to numerous URLs that can take people to shopping pages. Additionally, Buffer lets you try different variations of posts, republish your most popular content and has a hashtag Manager that will help you get more views for your posts.


6. Leetags

Leetags is an app that helps you find trending hashtags for your Instagram posts, which will give them a higher chance of being seen. In the app, you can type in a category or keyword related to your post, and then Leetags will generate a list of trending hashtags that are related to it. They'll show you the number of posts each hashtag was featured in and its relevance.


7. Facebook Ads Manager

Both Facebook and Instagram advertising use the same interface to manage their ads: Facebook Ads Manager. So if you want to start advertising on Instagram, you should learn how to use this tool. Make the most of all of its advanced segmentation features to direct your content to the audience you want to reach! Once you've set up your ads, you can also use this tool to track them to see how well they are performing.


8. IconoSquare

This free marketing tool for Instagram is not only extremely useful, but also brilliantly designed. With IconoSquare you can view all kinds of statistics regarding your account such as the total number of likes, the photos with most likes, your average number of likes, the total number of comments per photo, how much your number of followers has grown, etc. It helps that all this is shown in attractive graphs!


9. Canva

Set your inner designer free! Canva is an online design app that lets you create all kinds of images without any prior experience or knowledge. For Instagrammers, Canva has special effects, icons, frames, filters, stickers, and more, so you can create the best images as easily as possible.


Free Marketing Tools and Techniques for Instagram Advertising


10. Snapwidget

If you brand has a dazzling Instagram account, show it off! This tool is a free Instagram widget, designed to insert Instagram images and videos as a photo gallery on webpages and blogs. It only takes minimal configuration to be ready to install, but if you have any problems you can always check out the tutorial that you can find on their home page.


11. PicFrame

This is a photo-editing platform full of features and options to share your photos. With PicFrame, you can choose from 73 different frames, add text and special effects, choose colors, and much more. This tools is compatible with Android and iOS and everything is in HD. It is one of the best solutions to getting that extra-professional look for your images.


12. Instagram Insights

This tool allows you to see when your audience is on Instagram, which of your posts are the most viewed, and how different posts compare. For instance, if you are promoting something, you can see how well your promoted post is doing compared to the original. This way you can see if your adds are worth the financial investment.

Instagram insights are free for business accounts but can only be used within the app and not on Instagram's desktop option.


13. Curalate

This is another free tool for Instagram advertising, with several very interesting features, especially for brands in the ecommerce sector.

  • It helps improve your conversion rate, increases your followers, and attracts more traffic to your Instagram account. 
  • It has an analytical image system that measures results according to different criteria. 
  • It monitors your return on investment. 
  • It can publish posts.


14. Sked Social

This tool is focused on publishing posts so that you can really enjoy your time off, knowing everything is being taken care of. Sked Social lets you upload and program images and videos for several Instagram accounts and for multiple users. It is without a doubt a great way to save time and effort for you and your team!


15. SocialPilot

SocialPilot has a comprehensive list of features and while it isn't entirely free, it is affordable for any marketer. One of its biggest perks is that it is integrated with Canva and gives you the ability to research popular topics and themes for posts. Additionally, you can connect multiple social media profiles and manage them in a central place. It also comes equipped with the ability to schedule posts ahead of time so that you can free up your team’s time. 


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