How Cyberclick Applies Its Company Values in the World of Digital Marketing

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By Cyberclick, on 16 January 2017

Here at Cyberclick, we believe that company values are essential to becoming and maintaining a happy company. One of our secrets to a smiling team (even on a Monday morning!) is as simple as having a team who truly believe in what they do, and works together to achieve it. You can also create a happy company from anywhere you may be in the world, which is why I would like to share our company values in the marketing world with you today.

How Cyberclick applies its company values to the digital marketing world.png

Our 3 company core values

At Cyberclick, we have 3 core values that guide our every decision, internally as well as externally. We have invested in a unique corporate culture that puts people first and we all revolve around these principles:

  • “Admire People”. Admiring and respecting anyone we work with is one of our core principles. We need to surround ourselves with people who inspire us to be our best selves every day, and respect is essential to create a positive work environment in which we can all grow and learn from each other.
  • “Customer Experience Freaks”. Without clients, even the best digital marketing strategy is useless. Which is why we strive for nothing short of excellence in the way we deal with our clients in our day to day. We are here to make their lives easier, create positive experiences and generally help them to have the best customer experience ever. We are obsessed with our customer experience!
  • “Always find a better way”. If there is anything that describes us, it’s that we don’t settle! We are constantly and continuously questioning ourselves and each other, to make sure we never stop innovating and growing. We believe that the spirit of growth and overcoming is vital to getting better at what we do, so we are always on the lookout for new challenges.

How do we apply our company values to digital marketing?

Our corporate culture and company values in marketing guide us in everything we do: amongst ourselves as a team, of course, but also in the way we deal with our clients, partners, advertisers and suppliers.

These values are essential when deciding to welcome new members into our team. Throughout the whole recruitment process (which usually implies between 4 and 6 interviews, both presencial and over the phone), we are constantly on the lookout to see who shares our same values and who doesn’t. It is a process in which every employee actively participates, and can veto any candidate they aren’t convinced by.

It has happened before that we have come across incredible professionals and experts but who, after consulting each other as a team, we decided against because they did not, in some way or another, fit in with our three company values. Other times, exactly the opposite happened: we found people who fit perfectly with our beliefs, but in terms of skills and experience, simply did not match the profile we were looking for.

In the same way, we also apply these values when selecting and working with our clients. We look to work with companies who also share our corporate culture and company values, as we believe that we can only ever achieve our best work and results if we truly love what we do.

In more practical terms, this means that there have been occasions in which we have avoided working with an advertiser or rejected a potential client because they didn’t match our company values, for different reasons:

  • The communication with the client was always very negative, be via email, over the phone or face to face. To work efficiently, great communication is essential.
  • The client or advertiser caused stress among our team. We always work very hard to do our very best, but never at the cost of our happiness and wellbeing.
  • The potential client’s industry or sector is not aligned with our values.
  • We avoid participating in unethical digital marketing practices. Truly effective, sustainable and long term results can only be achieved by playing fair.

Given all of this, some people might think we’re crazy, but I promise you we’re not! We are a truly happy company and, in our opinion, what’s crazy is not to think and care about the wellbeing and satisfaction of your team. A happy, motivated team will be truly dedicated to their tasks and goals, exponentially improving the company’s results.

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