7 motivational videos for marketers that you cannot miss

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By Cyberclick, on 12 January 2016

Motivation is undoubtedly one of the keys to make the best of ourselves. Therefore, in the post today I bring you the 7 motivational videos for marketers that you cannot miss. They are clear examples of what can be achieved through the generation of inspirational messages and make us better people and professionals. Which of these videos touches you? Be surprised, learn and enjoy!

7 motivational videos for marketers that you cannot miss

7 motivational videos for marketers that you cannot miss

Motivation for business success

Inaugurated on the list of the best motivational videos for marketers with this great message that encourages us to believe in ourselves. The video is mixing the personal experience of a large number of public figures such as Jim Carrey, Steve Jobs or Jay Z, with a number of direct and concise messages about the power of faith in ourselves. The idea is clear; success to achieve your goals lies solely on you.

Motivation, leave your comfort zone

From childhood, we are taught to sacrifice and work hard. It is true that work and perseverance are some of the pillars to achieve professional and personal success, but there is something more important; believing in yourself.

When you see this motivational video for marketers, I would like you to reflect on yourself. What do you want to obtain? Whatever it is, try to do it. Put a deadline to your goal and work every day to achieve this but, above all, believe in yourself.

The video that helped Barca to win the Champions League

Anyone wishing to join the prestigious group of motivated marketers can not miss the video below. A simple images from the movie Gladiator and a masterly soundtrack Guardiola served to encourage the players of FC Barcelona and motivate just before playing the final of the Champions League 2008/2009. You have an important and decisive event in your career ? Do you face a job interview? Do not even hesitate, put this video and salt win.


If a person is able to do incredible things for him or herself, a trained and well-organized team is capable of working miracles. Don’t you think so? Watch this audiovisual and discover the many advantages of teamwork. Against any problem, you have to organize yourselves properly and offer the best of yourselves. You will be invincible!

Braveheart speech before battle

Another classic motivational video can be found in the film Braveheart. The scene in question, the speech before the battle, is an excellent example of how to encourage the team to prepare for any 'assault' to which we have to face in our careers. A classic that cannot be left out from the motivated marketers video collection.

Minimal - Killian Jornet - Run or die

How far is man able to go? This other video, recommended for all motivated marketers, shows some of the feats of Killian Jornet, the record holder of trail running. Based on motivation, effort and sacrifice, Jornet is able to do such incredible things as we can see. What are you able to do? Fight for it and show it to the world!

Think Different (Apple, 1997)

Apple has launched motivational messages from practically the beginning. From all of its campaigns, I emphasize this one because of its clear message of encouragement to all those who struggle for their dreams and excel in something. We have never been so encouraged before to be different! This campaign is more than just a campaign; it is an indispensable motivational video for marketers.

That is all! I hope you have been inspired by these 7 motivational videos for marketers and you put all of the advice in practice that flows from each. Believe in yourself and the world will be at your feet!

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