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Increase in blog traffic


Increased in web traffic


New YouTube subscribers

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    Dushow Spain is a specialized company that excels in organizing and technically executing large-scale events. With 20 years of experience in Spain, the company sets itself apart from competitors through innovation and cutting-edge audiovisual technology.

    Positioning itself as a leader in its field on both a national and international scale, Dushow Spain provides a comprehensive array of solutions. These include organizing in-person, hybrid, and virtual events, creating 3D environments and renderings, crafting virtual and augmented reality experiences, and designing scenography and sets, among other services.


    Dushow Spain and Cyberclick initiated their collaboration in 2021 by launching an SEO content strategy for the company's website and blog, alongside a video marketing project for Dushow’s Spanish YouTube channel.

    Currently, the company aims to expand this strategy internationally, focusing on SEO content in both Spanish and English.


    1. Improve positioning

    In search results and become a go-to content resource for industry professionals.

    2. Lead acquisition

    Increase lead acquisition in order to improve the overall effectiveness of the new strategy.

    3. CRM

    Develop a strategy to keep customers informed and engaged with the brand.


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    1. Strategy

    The strategy primarily targeted the Spanish and U.S. markets and involved various actions, including:

    • Publishing sector-specific content on both the blog and YouTube channel.
    • Promoting lead magnets or downloadable resources designed to address potential customers' primary concerns.
    • Implementing a CRM strategy to nurture the database with high-quality content.


    From March 2022 to March 2023, the results achieved were remarkable. Clicks and impressions increased fourfold during this period. Additionally, blog traffic surged by 370%, and web traffic saw a substantial increase of 377%.


    The organic video marketing strategy maintained an average user retention of over 2 minutes and garnered a total of 3,600 new subscribers. These outstanding outcomes have enabled the company to boost recruitment efforts and establish a rigorous qualification process for new users.


    Increase in blog traffic

    Following the implementation of the new content strategy.



    Increase in web traffic

    The results quadrupled after partnering with Cyberclick.



    New YouTube subscribers

    Thanks to the organic video marketing strategy implemented.


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