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    About MSF

    Doctors Without Borders focuses on projects that assist people threatened by armed conflicts, violence, epidemics, diseases, natural disasters, and exclusion from medical care.

    Together with Cyberclick, they undertook a full funnel digital marketing strategy focused on performance campaigns that allowed them to meet their objectives and challenges.


    With the premise of attracting donations and new partners, the strategy that Cyberclick developed with MSF covered both always on campaigns and specific tactical actions at certain times of the year.


    During 2022, we focused mainly on performance and, in December, a full funnel strategy was implemented for the Christmas campaign.


    Strategy and Actions Taken

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    1. Strategy

    Since the beginning of our collaboration in May 2020, MSF and Cyberclick have implemented a multichannel strategy combining Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Social Ads in different placements, formats, and audience types.

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    2. Actions

    We targeted all phases of the funnel with the aim of preparing audiences and expanding the base of potential donors. Cyberclick also worked on the creative assets and adapted the ads to the formats required by each platform. We worked not only with Meta Ads and Google Ads, but also tested channels such as TikTok, programmatic advertising, YouTube, and Native advertising.


    In 2022, MSF developed projects to support and assist Ukraine. They created a medical train to transport patients from overburdened hospitals in eastern Ukraine to others in the western parts of the country. MSF also raised donations to provide support to people affected by the war.


    In addition, the organization launched projects in Pakistan to provide assistance during the flooding, which affected millions of people there.


    Every year since the beginning of the collaboration with Cyberclick, MSF does a Christmas campaign. In 2022, the campaign, Give the Gift of Health, was launched.

    Increased membership

    Grew the membership base of Doctors Without Borders.

    Increased the volume of donations

    Increased awareness of MSF and attracted more donations.


    Increased visibility thanks to the full funnel campaign

    The brand achieved greater brand visibility during the Christmas period.

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