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Sales growth and brand consolidation in the United States


Conversion rate


Increase in overall sales


Increase in revenue

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About AIRE Ancient Baths

AIRE Ancient Baths offers exclusive experiences to relax the mind and body. AIRE's spaces are temples of relaxation inspired by the traditional baths of the ancient Roman, Greek, and Ottoman civilizations. Because of this, AIRE’s experiences always take place in restored historic buildings. They have different centers in Europe (The United Kingdom, Spain, and Denmark) and in the United States (New York and Chicago). Their goal is to maximize the sales and revenue of each center, build their brand, and expand into new markets.


In 2021, Cyberclick met with AIRE's marketing manager and her team to understand their objectives and to create a strategy for success. We discussed what AIRE wanted to achieve and which KPIs were relevant and valuable to them. We put special emphasis on the main campaigns of the year, like Black Friday and Christmas. December is a very important month for AIRE in terms of revenue generation. 

The objectives for us at Cyberclick were clear: increase sales, maximize revenue, and work on brand recognition. With all the relevant information we gathered during the strategy meeting, we created a detailed paid media proposal: Social Ads and SEM, where Google Ads played a very important role. We defined the channels we would invest in, the specific actions we would take to get the results we needed, and the optimizations we would carry out to get these results.


The paid media proposal was focused on its four markets: Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark and the United States. In particular, in the United States we wanted to reinforce the brand as it is one of the newest markets.

The main objectives that were worked on were the following payment campaigns:

1. Increasing Sales

Percentage growth in sales figures for one year over the previous year

2. Maximizing Revenue

Achieved sales growth while maintaining the costs.

3. Brand Recognition

Raised brand awareness among new audiences, particularly in locations where new centers were opened.

Strategy and Actions Taken


1. Strategy

Social Ads and Google Ads campaigns were run for all 4 markets, although in this success story we will focus on the channel that received the most investment (Google) and on the newest market.

Our Google Ads strategy was based on simplifying the ad group structure and and the overall optimization of the ads. All these actions, helped improve the KPIs our client was looking for, like sales, conversion rate, and ROAS, both in downtown Chicago and in New York.

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2. Results

As mentioned above, the Christmas season is key for AIRE Ancient Baths in terms of revenue. Because of this, we created a media plan for this specific time of year, to make sure that we could reach the objectives we set together with the client.

In the United States, our client has one center in New York City and another in Chicago. At these centers, one of the main objectives we achieved was improving the performance of the 2021 Christmas campaign compared to the previous year’s.

Impact Generated

  • We managed to multiply the CR by 3, while overall sales and revenue increased by 15% and and 44% respectively.
  • Sales were increased 10x, compared to the previous year's sales results of those campaigns..
  • We were able to impact and attract new users who were not aware of the brand to the AIRE Ancient Baths website, which increased brand awareness among potential customers. The percentage of new sessions increased by 9% compared to the previous December.


Conversion rate (CR)

With a 50% increase in investment, we were able to multiply the conversion rate by three.



Overall sales increase

This was due to the detailed paid media strategy, where Google Ads played a key role.



Increase in revenue

62% of the budget was allocated to Google Ads. These campaigns significantly improved revenues.


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