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About EV Renting

EV Renting is the Spanish subsidiary of Mobility Service. Since 2021, the brand has focused on leasing electric mobility services to companies and the self-employed. Its objective is to assist companies that decide to take the step towards sustainability and reduce CO2 emissions. 

EV Renting's main digital marketing objective was to grow and to establish itself as a leader in electric vehicle leasing, especially for Teslas.


EV Renting and Cyberclick began collaborating in 2022. We developed and implemented an SEO content strategy for the company's blog, and oversaw their HubSpot set up to lay the groundwork for CRM and database management. 

Their main goal was to increase traffic to their blog and to improve lead acquisition through organic channels.


1. Increase organic positioning

And consequently blog traffic with an SEO strategy.

2. Capture new contacts on their website and blog

Through downloadables relevant to their buyer persona.

3. Convert these leads into sales opportunities

Through automation workflows with additional valuable content.

4. Correctly configure HubSpot 

Also define automations to improve internal processes.

5. Video Marketing Strategy (YouTube)

By launching a video marketing strategy on YouTube.

Strategy and Actions Taken

EV Renting - Ejemplo blog

1. Strategy

The strategy defined in 2022 focused on creating different types of quality content such as:

  • Monthly publication of SEO friendly content on the blog using both short and long tail keywords.
  • Creation of new lead magnets, such as new downloadable content or email campaigns for nurturing.


From March 2022 to March 2023, EV Renting multiplied clicks and impressions on its blog by 6, and traffic to the blog increased by 675.68%. In addition, web traffic climbed by 21,431%

We also positioned 2,596 keywords for the Spanish market, 133 of which were positioned during the last year. Currently, the EV Renting blog has managed to position 12 keywords in the top 3, 25 in the top 10, 38 in the top 20, and 72 in the top 100.

In terms of new contacts, EV Renting's acquisition through their website and blog has tripled in months when new content has been published.


Blog traffic

Thanks to the new content strategy developed.


Web traffic

As the SEO positioning and content improved, so did the monthly web traffic.


Clicks and impressions

The blog showed improvement in key KPI's as the new content strategy kicked off.

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