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About Mistol

Mistol launched in 1953 and was the first hand dishwashing product in the Spanish market, so it has a legacy in Spain.

Mistol has been part of OROBrands since 2020, when they signed an agreement to acquire the brand.


In 2021, Mistol rebranded their corporate image, product packaging, and decided to launch new products, such as dishwasher tablets. 

After laying the foundations for these changes and incorporating new products, Mistol sought a digital partner to help generate brand awareness and communicate new launches to the public.


1. Visibility for the new Mistol dishwasher product

Generate and spread awareness of the new product launch.

2. Improve Mistol’s dishwasher product positioning

Based on a multichannel paid media strategy and an influencer strategy.

Strategy and Actions Taken

Mistol Estrategia

1. Strategy

In order to achieve a high level of awareness, diffusion, and product positioning, we opted for a multichannel social ads strategy (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch) and an influencer marketing strategy that directed people to the landing page,, from these popular social media platforms. Both strategies were applied during March and April 2023.

Mistol Influencers

2. Actions

For the social ads campaigns, we launched an A/B test to compare the results of "traditional" creatives and the results of videos recorded by content creators. In this user generated marketing campaign, people explained how they use the product and the promotion in progress. 

We also worked with 8 national “foodie" influencers who paired up to create content aimed both at disseminating the new Mistol product and at directing traffic to the promotion's landing page. Macro influencers with between 150 and 500K followers were chosen and carried out boost posting to generate even more visibility and drive traffic to the landing page.


After analyzing the outcome of this two month campaign, we concluded that the videos generated by content creators resulted in a 43% higher CTR and the video start cost was 3 times lower than that of more traditional creatives. 

This campaign generated more than 16M impressions on digital platforms and led to a 200% increase in sales for Mistol compared to the same period during the previous year.



Between the social ads campaign and the influencer marketing campaign.

+43% CTR

with UGM Ads

Ads with videos from content creators were a decisive factor in generating impressions for the campaign.



The campaign resulted in a major increase in sales compared to the same period during the previous year.

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