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About Iberia

Iberia is Spain's leading airline, created with the aim of always being the best choice for booking vacations or business trips.

They offer a wide range of destinations in Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Their global network places special emphasis on connections between Europe and Latin America, where they are the leading airline and strive each day to maintain that leadership.


Iberia had a goal to boost bookings on all its top routes originating from Spain, other European markets, and Latin America. To achieve this, we utilized our AI-based Twitter Ads optimization solution to create micro-targeted campaigns that yielded optimal results due to their automatic learning and real-time functionality.


The initial goal was to optimize the unit cost per search conducted by users through Iberia's website form.


Overtime a second goal developed, which was to understand user behavior at the final conversion level (purchases), as we were engaging with a highly valuable mobile audience in terms of quality, but one that still predominantly made purchases of this type of service from desktop devices.

1. Optimization

Reduce the unit cost per search.

2. Understand user behavior

Gain a better understanding of user behavior during the conversion phase.

Strategy and Actions Taken


1. Strategy

Marketing actions were designed for Spain, France, Brazil, and Germany, establishing phases for the progressive testing of all top routes and destinations across the widest range of micro-segments of the target audience that we could access.

In the first stage, "always on" campaigns were established, meaning they displayed generic and somewhat timeless messages, in line with the company's branding milestones.

The second stage of the campaign featured the so-called "real-time Ads," which showcased destinations with real-time specific prices, aligned with the offers the company was activating daily. We were pioneers in developing integration with the airline's pricing repository, enabling us to dynamically display information in sponsored tweets (images, destination copies, and prices). This competitive advantage allowed the target audience to access the most up-to-date offers through ads, also providing last-minute flight proposals worldwide.


2. Actions

The geolocated campaigns in Spain included a substantial number of domestic and European routes, gradually adding a greater variety of international destinations like New York, Mexico, Miami, or Santiago de Chile.

For each destination, different copies and images were tested in tweets, allowing us to quickly identify the most interactive ads. Additionally, over 1,000 segmentations were active across all live campaigns.


The most significant milestones achieved in this campaign included over 70,000 visits to various landing pages, and an average CTR (Click-Through Rates) that hovered around 0.25%, with premium airline destinations like New York standing out with remarkable CTRs exceeding 0.60%.


Users who clicked through to the site displayed high reactivity in conducting searches, resulting in nearly 27,000 availability requests from forms (38.5% conversion rate based on visits).


Over 1,000 active segmentations were carried out across all live campaigns, and unit costs per search were below €1, representing a cost 10 times lower than previous actions.


Landing page visits

Over 70,000 visits were achieved on the created landing pages.


Conversion rate

The conversion rate, based on visits to the landing pages, reached 38.5%.


Active segmentations

More than 1,000 active segmentations were implemented across all live campaigns.


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