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About Brico Depôt

Brico Depôt offers home improvement solutions for both professionals and individuals doing DIY.

Brico Depôt Iberia is part of the Kingfisher Group, which is number 1 in Europe in the home improvement sector. The group's ambition is to create good homes, and to make home improvement accessible to all.


In March 2020, just a few days after the Covid-19 pandemic started, Brico Depôt launched its online store in Spain with the aim of meeting the needs of its customers. Several months later, it also extended this sales channel to Portugal. 

After some great initial results, Brico Depôt sought a partner to help boost online sales through a solid and scalable paid media plan.

1. Increased ecommerce sales

We helped them improve ecommerce sales through a multichannel paid media strategy for the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

2. Expanded customer acquisition

We used new social platforms to achieve maximum audience coverage.

Strategy and Actions Taken


1. Strategy

The chosen strategy was always on, and was fully focused on conversion in both Spain and Portugal. We worked with Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Meta Ads, and Pinterest Ads.

To maximize the results of the campaigns, we used Feedest, a feed management tool developed by Cyberclick which, among other functionalities, generates dynamic ad-hoc creatives for product catalog campaigns in Meta Ads.


Together with Cyberclick, the brand developed a performance marketing strategy that addressed different challenges in relation to the growth of its ecommerce.

Since the beginning of the collaboration, and thanks to the optimization of several key aspects of the campaigns, the results have maintained a positive trend that contributed to an increase in sales.

During the first quarter of the Google Ads campaign that Cyberclick managed, CPA was reduced by 24% and ecommerce transactions increased by 34%. The ROAS also increased by 32% compared to the previous period.



The number of ecommerce transactions increased significantly.



As a consequence of the previous milestone, ecommerce revenues increased.



The return achieved on the investment in Google Ads represented a major increase compared to the previous period.

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