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By Jessica Bubenheim, on 24 August 2018

We plan our marketing campaigns based on our target audience. With digital marketing we often think big, world-wide-web, online, Google. International marketing seeks to build global branding aimed at a broad total population – this is used in certain cases such as in your product launch strategy or brand positioning.

However, the internet is full of various niches currently unoccupied. These niches can be exploited to differentiate our offers in two ways:

  • segmentation through regional offers
  • segmentation through special user groups.


Advantages of marketing with clear segmentation

As we increase our marketing segmentation, marketing costs fall, competition weakens and we can more clearly optimize our custom marketing mix. In general, highly ‘specific’ offerings bring many advantages over more ‘general’ offerings. Creating local campaigns allows us to reach our clients at the right time and optimize the return of your advertising investment.

Can I benefit from a local online marketing strategy?

Local digital marketing campaigns are frequent both among major brands, who want to reinforce their presence in a city, town or neighborhood, and in local businesses, whose clientele lies in their area of proximity.

According to Hubspot, 46% of all searches seek local reference or recieve a local SERP. This is largely due to the rise of mobile searches, which have integrated IP recognition. For our customers and users, local offers bring key advantages that offline offers can not currently compete with, including:

  • personal consultation
  • personal contact
  • the ability to try things out and feeling them
  • immediate availability

If your business can achieve high local positioning, no matter your size on a global scale, your business has a shot at competing with global corporations and win customers locally.

For a local campaign to succeed, it must meet at least one of these two objectives:

  • be top of the target’s mind in the location of the point of sale
  • build an emotional tie between the brand or business and the specific target

Optimizing your local marketing strategy- step by step

You want your company to be found locally and to target a more specific audience? This will can give you an incredible competitive advantage, and there are many approaches and possibilities.

New technologies make it easier for day-to-day marketing strategies to evolve and be more effective when it comes to capturing customers and selling them a product. The strong impact of smartphones in our lives makes us constantly exposed to information that can affect our purchasing behaviours.

In this sense, a wide range of business possibilities have opened up, thanks to the use of tools such as geolocation, allowing customer’s intention of purchase to become a sale.

Traditionally it has been considered that the means that best work for local campaigns include the local press, radio, and cinema. However, over the past decade we have seen the rising success of digital media, such as:

Today various forms of digital marketing have specific solutions for highly effective local campaigns. The possibilities of geographical segmentation and Geolocation have opened a new world to the digital medium through marketing strategies in:

  • Social ads. These are an effective format for using coupons and promotional offerings of local reach. Mobile Advertising distribution platforms allow you to segment by geographic location.
  • SEM. Search engine marketing allows marketers to segment campaigns in AdWords for searches focused on a specific population.

Do you know how many customers have made purchases stimulated by your digital marketing campaigns?

It is important to establish methods to measure the return of your investments on your campaign. Find ways to measure return through things such as digital coupons, promotional codes, and links to engagement on your social media sites.

Opting for local digital marketing can be interesting when it comes to optimizing the impact of advertising investments. In addition, it is an easy way to reach an ever-wider audience, looking for local information, such as a restaurant for dinner or the nearest supermarket for grocery shopping.

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Jessica Bubenheim