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By Laia Cardona, on 1 August 2020

LinkedIn, the social network for professionals and companies for excellence, has gone a step further with the creation of Pulse, a curious Blogging platform that also acts as a news aggregator, which among other functions, allows all LinkedIn users to access all sorts of interesting content related to opinion makers that each user has among its contacts. This ambitious project aims to become the leading content aggregator network, making all kinds of useful content available to users in addition to encouraging discussion between users on the hottest topics. Now you can publish articles in Pulse!


Want to start writing on Pulse? We will teach you how!

So far, the press tool is available only in English, waiting for the social network to update and present the Spanish version of Pulse. Therefore, to start writing news on this platform you need to make sure that your LinkedIn accounts are set up in English. One advantage of not having the blog available in English is that you barely find articles written in Spanish, so if you are able to write in Spanish you'll have more chances to catch the attention of Hispanic readers and to achieve greater dissemination of our news or article.

Once we change our language settings on our own, and we can publish a post to the extent that we want.

Another advantage to start writing in the Pulse in Spanish, in addition to getting a wider dissemination and more readers, is the ability to position our products easily with Google. One of the biggest attractions of Pulse is that it’s quite well positioned in Google. This can be a double blessing for those who take advantage of their articles on Pulse to publish them at a later time on their personal blogs or vice versa. We must be aware that any duplicate content detected by Google will be rejected to consider it a 'copy'. Therefore, we must take special care not to duplicate the same content in any other Press or Blog.

In this regard, I recommend that you first publish the post where you are most interested (Press or Blog) and then reuse it if you want the same item but returning to rewrite it so that Google does not detect any attempt to copy or any duplicate content.

Photo by Tracy Carlson (Flickr)

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