Online Advertising

Benefits of Online Advertising and How to Get Started

May 2022

The world of online advertising is constantly evolving due to updated search algorithms, shifting market trends, changing consumer interests, the introduction of new and better technologies, etc. This is how advertising is; there’s always something new.


In order to stay on the cutting edge of online advertising and to be able to have the best strategies for your business, regular training and testing is required. If you do this, you’ll be able to create the best campaigns for your brand.


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Online Advertising


The Advantages of Online Advertising

In order to reach your target audience and successfully transmit your message, it is essential to invest in online advertising.


There are many advantages of online advertising campaigns (including the fact that more and more people use the internet each day) so virtually every business to wants to make their mark on the digital world and increase brand awareness. So, what are the pros you need to consider when it comes to advertising online?



Between the very precise segmentation that is possible online, all the different platforms and formats out there and the different peak hours each one has, online advertising has the potential to make a large impact on the campaign’s target market.


Optimal Measuring

Thanks to the technological tools that exist on the internet, you can easily measure the progress of your online advertising campaigns. This differs from traditional advertising in that the same metrics are approximated or limited to a small portion of the overall audience. Online advertising metrics, on the other hand, are incredibly precise and easy to obtain.


Time Saved

Although time is required to plan a campaign strategy for both online and offline advertising, the execution of online advertising campaigns goes much faster. In just a matter of minutes, you can put together ads that will be shown across multiple platforms and then publish them moments later. And as long as you have a computer and internet access, all of this can be done from anywhere in the world!



One of the characteristics of online advertising is its incredibly flexibility. You can use any combination of text, images, videos, and even advergaming to reach your target market at any point in their day-to-day lives. If posted on the right network at the right time, the possibilities for your campaign's reach are endless. Moreover, options for native advertising have become practically infinite in part because this form of advertising is more accepted and even appreciated by consumers. 


Low Cost

If you compare the budget for a high impact offline marketing campaign with that of an online marketing campaign, the costs of running and online campaign become pretty inexpensive, and therefore much more appealing. 


User Interaction

The internet facilitates direct user interaction. Unlike other means of communication, businesses don't just share messages online, they are also able to see what their customers have to say. This two-way street helps companies have a much more open line of communication and learn more about their clientele’s interests. Even though this requires more effort on a company’s side, the advantages are well worth it in the end.



The rate at which information moves online is another element which makes online advertising a force to be reckoned with. Although you always have to monitor the metrics, with a good strategy, you can see results with incredible speed. If the results are not what you had hoped for, you can also quickly make modifications to your campaign.



The internet’s ability to reach a target audience based on segmentation by age, interests, gender, socioeconomic background, etc. is unprecedented. In order to find the right clients or customers, you can launch an advertising campaign focused specifically on the type of person who meets pre-established requirements that fit the profile of your target audience.



Online Advertising Figures and Statistics

Even though many companies have already established their presence online, there are still some businesses that are reluctant to invest in online advertising. After learning about the different advantages that online advertising offers, the data and statistics below can help further convince you to take the final step.

  1. 51% of shoppers say that they use Google to research items that they plan to buy online.

  2. 88% of consumers refuse to return to a website where they had a bad user experience and will check out competitors instead

  3. The online world is already completely dominated by mobile devices and most new data comes from these devices.

  4. The average amount of time internet users spend on social media platforms is over 2 hours per day.

  5. On average, companies respond to 63% of messages received on social media within 24 hours.

  6. 39% of smartphone users are more likely to use a business's mobile app because it’s easier and/or faster to make a purchase.

  7. 59% of consumers say that being able to shop on a mobile device is important when deciding which brand they will buy from.

  8. It’s said that 73% of internet traffic is video.

  9. Almost a third of newsletter subscribers read newsletters on their phones.

  10.  49% of consumers report that they use Google to discover new products.

  11.  Approximately 70% of marketers utilize retargeting to raise brand awareness.

  12.  81% of small to medium sized businesses rely on email as their main channel for customer acquisition.

  13. Online advertising has seen continually growth and even saw a 12% increase in 2020.

  14. The top 4 online marketing strategies are email marketing, social media, mobile marketing, and SEO.

  15. For each dollar invested in email marketing strategies you can expect an average return of $42.

Whew, that’s a lot! However, this represents just a sliver of what’s possible in digital advertising today. The time has now come for you to go out and find the perfect campaign for your business!


What Does the Future of Online Advertising Look Like?

As mentioned above, the world of digital advertising is continually changing, so what can you expect from online advertising in the coming years or even decades? And how will this impact your company? There are various trends that can help shed some light on this and give you a better idea of what you can expect to see more of.

  • Agencies specialized in data analysis. It’s estimated that up to 10% of money invested on advertising is actually spent on ads no one ever sees. Considering this, there will likely be more agencies specialized in data control, blocking fraudulent traffic, and the elimination of this excessive spending in the future.
  • SEO marketing app. This technique brings together two things that are necessary in order to get a higher number of users for any app. One is ASO, which works to rank an app within the top positions on mobile market places like the App Store, Google Play Store, etc. and the other is SEO. This works to make an app show up within the top positions of search engines when users type in certain keywords.
  • Advertising on Instagram and Facebook. Facebook is still the biggest social network in the world. It also owns Instagram. Currently, Facebook is promoting the combined use of both platforms in order to create campaigns which work together to dominate social media advertising. We will surely see more of this in the coming years.


  • Virtual Social Networks. A few years ago, the social media platforms of today didn’t seem like they could go any further. Now, with the arrival of virtual reality, a whole new world is about to open up. With a personalized experience for each user, the world of online advertising will continue to expand with endless, innovative possibilities.
  • Artificial intelligence applied to advertising campaigns. Automation exists among many online marketing processes. The future of this looks promising, as it would allow for more fluid communication between brands and their client and users. This in turn, would improved customer service and save time.

Online advertising is the present, but the future of digital communications promises to provide a great number of resources that any cutting-edge company needs to effectively connect with their target market.

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Nerea Boada

Nerea Boada

Nerea holds a degree in Economics and Law from Pompeu Fabra University. She specializes in comprehensive online marketing actions for lead generation and in planning e-mail marketing, Mobile Marketing, Content Advertising and Social Media campaigns.