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20 Free Tools for Facebook Advertising

By Laia Cardona, on 13 July 2016

In some ways, as digital marketers, we are much like carpenters… without our “tool box” we would be completely lost.

When the time comes to get active on social media, there are a whole mountain of resources that can help increase our productivity, make our lives simpler and, above all, achieve better results. 

My colleagues have mentioned before on this blog tools to use on Twitter, and for content marketing, and so, for you to continue completing your digital marketing tool box, I would like to share with you 20 free Facebook advertising tools. 



20 free tools for Facebook advertising


Audience tools

  • 1) Facebook Audience Insight. This tool provides you with very important information to focus your campaigns on this social network: your audience, filtered by interests and by cities. Like this you can see, for example, how many people in Washington DC are interested in your dog food advertisement. You can also view data about annual income, purchasing behavior, Facebook activity and much more.

20 free tools for Facebook advertising 1

Campaign Report tools 

  • 2) Compass. Do you need to build a report about your Facebook ad campaigns? Well look no further: with this tool you will find it is extremely simple to build a very visual report that brings together your main KPIs.


Tools for URL and Metadata 

  • 3) Facebook URL Debugger. This Facebook advertising tool solves once and for all all problems you may have with URL previews on this networks. You only have to update you images and metadata and insert the page link into the tool for it to update all information.

20 free tools for Facebook advertising 2

Tools for headline SEO

  • 4) Headline Analyzer. After images, headlines are the second most important element to attract attention in the Facebook’s news section. This tool will help you optimize them with its notes and suggestions.


Sharing tools

  • 5) Sumome. For your Facebook strategy to be successful, you will have to encourage users to share your content. Sumome helps you with a free and very easy to install plugin that works both on desktop and mobile devices.

20 free tools for Facebook advertising 3


Contest tools

  • 6) AgoraPulse Contest. Posting surveys or contest on your page’s wall is a much used technique no increase engagement, but the counting of votes and likes can be quite challenging. This tool makes life much easier by helping you create giveaways, questionnaires, and photo contests.

20 free tools for Facebook advertising 4

  • 7) Pick a Winner de Woobox. Have you yourself created a post that is already a contest in itself? But you don’t know what method to use to pick the winner? With this tool you will be able to export all interaction that takes place on your Facebook post such as likes, and randomly pick the winner. After, all you have to do is announce it! :) 


Programming tools

  • 8) Hootsuite. This Facebook advertising tool (and other social networks) is one of the best options I have ever seen for programming content. From the dashboard you are able to program practically any type of post. Furthermore, you can open several tabs depending on what type of post you would like to view such as programmed content, mentions, interactions, private chats, among others.ipqwjfiqwefeiw

20 free tools for Facebook advertising 5

Analysis tools 

  • 9) EdgeRank Checker. A tool from Social Bakers that provides an in-depth analysis of your Facebook page and shows all kinds of graphs of your results, for example, a color map that shows the hours and days that your fans are online. The only catch is that the free trial lasts 14 days, and then must be paid for.

20 free tools for Facebook advertising 6

  • 10) Facebook Page BarometerWould you like to do a quick check-up on your Facebook page and compare it to others of the same kind? This tool from Agora Pulse lets you view and compare your reach, engagement, interaction, virality and more. The results are classified according to the size of pages: less than 1,000 fans, from 1,000 to 5,000, between 10,000 and 50,000, 50,000 to 100,000 and more than 100,000.
  • 11) Facebook StatisticsWe search and search for external online marketing tools, but we shouldn’t forget about the tools offered by Zuckerberg’s network itself. They are very complete and let you view: Likes, supply, page visits and actions, among other metrics
  • 12) Likealyzer. Just as simple to use as Conversation Score, this tool revises your Facebook page and gives you a global score and recommends concrete aspects to improve on.
  • 13) FanPage Karma. An extremely complete tool, especially taking into account the fact that it’s free. With FanPage Karms you can view a full report of your page, with overall results and information about the content, best days and times, influencers, engagement, tags, comparisons with the competition, etc.

20 free tools for Facebook advertising 7

  • 14) Wolfram Alpha Personal Analytics. To analyze your personal profile instead of your page. Here you can find a lot of information about you and your contacts, from activity statistics and most liked posts to a network map of your friends.


Campaign tools 

  • 15) ShortStack. A perfect tool to add lead attraction and other campaigns to your page. You can chose from some of their templates or design your own campaign from scratch.

20 free tools for Facebook advertising 8

  • 16) SnapApp. This platform is especially designed to add interactive content to your Facebook campaigns, using templates or a drag and drop design interface. You can create campaigns focused on 3 objectives: lead generation, conversion or content creation.
  • 17) GroSocial. This tool helps you create and analyze social media marketing campaigns to generate leads on social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.


Design tools

  • 18) Picktochart. A tool focused on infographic design for newbies in the design world. Choose from its 500+ professionally designed templates and personalize them in whatever way you wish.

20 free tools for Facebook advertising 9

  • 19) Canva. This Australian-born tool is a favorite for its super-friendly interface and great variety of options. It includes templates and images, both free of charge and paid for, and they never stop including new choices. All you have to do is chose what to design (a poster, an A4 document, presentation or Facebook cover photo) and edit it however you like with all kinds of additives, colors, fonts and more.
  • 20) PicMonkey. Another very intuitive and user-friendly tool that provides both a free and paid version (33 dollars per year). Besides a large selection of effects, stickers and templates, you will also find tips and tricks to improve your designs. No excuse to not let your creative flag fly!


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