The 35 best free Twitter marketing tools

By Albert Moreo, on 6 June 2016

Is your company on Twitter yet? This network has become one of digital marketers’ favorites that, aside form its amazing advertising opportunities, offers you a fantastic way to maintain a real-time relationship with your clients and target audience. 

Twitter’s and Twitter App’s interfaces are great for sharing content, but if you really want to make the most of them, my recommendation is to use these Twitter marketing tools that improve its various features: analysis, hashtag classification, controlling who you follow and who you don’t… an endless list of opportunities! And so that you don’t get mixed up in the sea of possibilities, I have made up this megalist with the 35 best free Twitter marketing tool!

35 best free tools for Twitter


Analysis tools for Twitter 

To find out all the ins and outs of your Twitter account and follow the KPIs that interest you, we recommend… 

  • 1) Audiense (previously known as SocialBro). This platform tells you pretty much everything you may need to know about your account. The free version includes analytics, data about the best times to publish your tweets, tools to follow and stop following users and community segmentations.
  • 2) MyTopTweetWith this application you will be able to see any user’s top 10 tweets, ranked by their engagement levels. Very simple, and great to know what kind of content is working best… both for you and for your competition. 
  • 3) SocialRankWant to find out who your best followers are? Look no further! This Twitter marketing tool will show you your most faithful followers, the most influential and the most active and participant. How about rewarding them to keep them active? 
  • 4) Twitter Account HomeTwitter’s interface itself offers some “official” analytics on You will see a detailed summary of your activity over the last 28 days, including your best tweets, mentions and followers. 
  • 5) BluenodType in a username or hashtag and you will be shown a visual map of the community around the users or the people tweeting about that subject. Perfect to add into your reports and give them that extra visual touch. 



Chat tools for Twitter

Twitter stands out for its speed, but can sometimes become a bit chaotic. To organize your group conversations, there is nothing better than these chats. 

  • 6) TweetChatWith this tool you can convert a hashtag into a chatroom. Login to follow a specific hashtag and you will be able to see all the tweets it has, as well as answer with the hashtag being automatically added to your tweet. 
  • 7) BeatStrapThis Twitter marketing tool is essential if you’re looking to show live events and collaborate with several team members.
  • 8) ChatSaladA Twitter chats calendar so you can see the date, time and hashtags that will be used. It will make it easier for you to follow them and not miss a single one you may be interested in! 
  • 9) TwChatThis page is ideal if what you want is to create your own chat based on a hashtag. You can invite users and add your work colleagues for them to help you out. 
  • 10) TwUbsWith this page you will be able to register a hashtag to create your own chat and group/see the tweets that come from specific geographical regions. 



Tools to Follow and Unfollow on Twitter

If you want to create a community around your Twitter account, you will have to keep a close eye on who follow and who follows you, always taking care not to spam. These tools will help you with just that. 

  • 11) Crowdfire. This will help you “trim” your list of account you follow, who is following you back, your recently unfollowed you and who is inactive on Twitter. You can also create a list of “sacred accounts” who you want to follow no matter what.
  • 12) Tweepi. Stop following accounts that never publish any content or who don’t follow you and correspond to your followers. You can manage several accounts at once with just one click, making this tool very easy and comfortable to use.
  • 13) Statusbrew. The very complete Twitter marketing tool lets you expand and organize your audience, watch your competitors, search and automate many routine tasks.
  • 14) DoesFollow. The perfect tool to find out who follows who! Do your competitors follow each other? How are your sector’s influencers connected?
  • 15) Linkreaser. Don’t know whom to follow? This tool makes it very, very easy: all you have to do is type in a keyword to see all the related tweets and influencers.



Hashtag Tools for Twitter

Although they are now on many social networks, Twitter’s hashtags were a complete revolution when they began their journey to success. Here are some tools that will help you include them in your marketing strategy. 

  • 16) RiteTag. This “hashtag recommender” shows you data on the reach and popularity of each one, and suggests other hashtags you could use. Its colorful interface makes it easy to know which ones are best at just a glance.
  • 17) Hashtagify. A tools to see complete analytics of any hashtag you type in: related tags, recent conversations, patterns of use, influencers, … Very useful to always keep your brand’s hashtags under control.
  • 18) Tagboard. Another way to view hashtags in a simple, easy to view way, along with the most recent and relevant tweets about each one.



Image and infograph tools for Twitter

Like any other social network, more often than not an image is worth a thousand words. Use these tools and you’ll see how yours will attract your audience!

  • 19) Canva. Defined as the “world’s easiest design program”, Canva lets you create all kinds of images: graphs, diagrams, infographs and, of course, images to share on Twitter or spice up your page.
  • 20) Picktochart. A simple application to create infographs. Its gallery of predefined templates includes over 500 images, so you are sure to find the perfect one for you!
  • 21) Pablo by Buffer. We have all seen them a thousand times, shared up and down social media: a beautiful background picture with that motivational and inspirational quote… Well this tools is precisely so that you can create your own, with UnSplash images and the most attractive backgrounds. You can even add your logo.
  • 22) Twitshot. Don’t know which image to share? Give Twitshot a URL and it will show you all the images associated to that page so you can make an easy decision.
  • 23) Getstencil. Simple image creation tool for social media marketers, bloggers and small companies.



Tools to program content on Twitter

If you want to be a success on Twitter, you will need to publish several times a day… but even the best community managers needs to rest and disconnect from time to time! If you want to be sure you’re publishing the right content at the right time, these are the tools for you. 

  • 24) Buffer. A straightforward solution for managing social networks. Put your tweets in line, analyze your results and search for new stories to share.
  • 25) Hootsuite. One of content programmers favorite tools, it is very complete and manageable. You can organize your Twitter account into different columns to have everything under control.
  • 26) Tweet4me. Send a message directly to Tweet4me’s account, include the necessary abbreviations to indicate when you want it to be shared and boom! it will be published just when you need it to be.



Tools to find the best publishing times

You already know that to be successful on social networks, you have to avoid the dead time zones. But then when is the right time to publish? Check it out with these tools. 

  • 27) Followermonk by Moz. Here you will find all imaginable data about your tweets, profile, followers and competitors.
  • 28) Tweriod. This tool analyzes your tweets as well as your followers’ in search of that perfect moment to post.



Twitter Trending Topics Tool

There are not many things that can generate as much visibility as a tending topic, so use them in your favor! These apps will help you. 

  • 29) Trends24. The last 24 hours’ trending topics, divided by hours and countries. A very interesting place to investigate and find out just how they work.
  • 30) Trendsmap. A zoomable map that shows hashtags and popular phrases in any part of the world.
  • 31) iTrended. Archives of the last 15 days with the option to search for keywords to see whether or not they trended.



Twitter's Top Clients

Still using Twitter’s official app? Try one of these clients and benefit from additional features. 

  • 32) TweetDeck. The one you’ve been searching for, with an app and desktop version. It allows you to organize your feed in columns to make sure you don’t miss out on anything important.
  • 33) YoruFukurou. A Mac OS X native twitter client. On its dashboard you will see the next tweets to be published, lists and searches, all organized in different tabs.
  • 34) Happy Friends. Choose the contacts you want to follow no matter what and receive their updates as if they were emails.
  • 35) Twitterrific. A client designed especially for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch), with interesting additions such as color-coding or the ability to mute keywords and hashtags.

And if you want to discover more about the fascinating world of Twitter, below you have a useful eBook about the advantages of each advertising platform: Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads. 


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