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5 things about Instagram that every marketer needs to know

By Laia Cardona, on 29 October 2015

Don’t know whether to integrate Instagram into your online marketing strategy? Are you thinking of doing sponsored ads on this social platform? Although the most popular photograph network of the world is part of many of our lives, surely there are things you do not know yet. Today we will tell you 5 things about Instagram that every marketer needs to know.

  1. 1. Instagram ads work better than Facebook ads 

One month ago Instagram surprised us with the launch of their new images and videos sponsored in Spain. The new listings include the ability to create videos up to 30 seconds and pictures in landscape format, all with the same targeting options as Facebook: age, location, interests ... However, the first studies on the results indicate that more users click on ads in Instagram than in Facebook; the average CTR is 1.5% and 0.84% ​​respectively. Probably one of the reasons for this difference is that Instagram ads only have a large image and a call to action button highlighted.

  1. 2. Young people are migrating to Instagram and snapchat

According to a recent study published in the Wall Street Journaladolescents between 13 and 19 years old are leaving Facebook and Twitter and moving to Instagram and SnapchatThe survey asked them what social network was most important to them, and in only two quarters Snapchat beat Facebook. Meanwhile, Instagram was the most valuable network for 33% of users, which made it the most popular of the survey. 

  1. 3. There is a Chrome extension that lets you view your Instagram feed on each new tab

Instatab is a free extension for Google Chrome that displays the 8 most recent images of our Instagram feed on the new tab. In addition to viewing the pictures, you can play videos and even mark a "Like" by double clicking on an image.

  1. 4. Only one in ten content published on Instagram is a video

The videos are booming between brands and companies, but now only 10.23% of the published content makes use of this feature. A great opportunity that you can take to make your brand stand out in this network, which in just the last 9 months has managed to add 100 million new active users.

  1. 5. Instagram just turned 5 years old

 On October 6, 2010 Instagram was launched to the public, so this month was the network’s anniversary. In Spain, the first early adopters, who started using Instagram in its first months, have become prominent users. In the case of Carol Peña (with 623,000 followers in your account (@misshedwing) and Héctor Campoy (@hectormerienda) with almost half a million followers. Happy Birthday, Instagram!


Laia Cardona


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